Memorial Weekend….Part1

eating some of the worlds best BBQ and Jammin to some fine music
College Town… University campus
Blue Angels performing
on the mighty Genesee River rowing


chowing down  on BBQ
chowing down on BBQ
they come any way they can, just to taste some BBQ
then we went to College town, for a bite and a pint … and i love to watch other people.. with my iphone
and Pizza it was a little healthy.. there was spinach in it..and no pepperoni:)
the festival is a yearly event on this week end.. the park backs right up to the Genesee River.. there were campers as far as the eye could see
all the boaters are here
and of course my Saturday outing is never complete, till i stop in my village and se whats going on. the boaters are here from all over, and they love to talk, and tell us where they came from, and all about their sea worthy vessels

10 thoughts on “Memorial Weekend….Part1

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    1. Ohh Francis 😂 that’s funny , u mean my little village . I love taking different angles of all the boaters , every year I let them get use to seeing me , and after awhile they are so use to seeing me shooting, I’ll be posting them during the summer . And the pizza was deelish.. But rich , ate it 3 hours ago still very full .. On 2 1-2 slices . Thanks For commenting

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  1. Looks like a wonderful day made even better with pizza! The colours & light are spectacular. Each image tells a story – really fabulous collection Kathy. I am so glad you are blogging regularly & sharing your experiences with us all 👏

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  2. Thanks Mary, it’s still a learning curve for me… But I’ll get there;) hope your having an awesome week end as well, you had Fraggy have been my inspiration along the way I hope you know that


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