memorial week end ….part2…ohh Boy

Georges Place, usually cars lined up to get in… lucky me, a holiday ,every thing was closed

Well we messed up yet again, i dont know about the rest of the Americans .. but we were all messed up, seeing that Memorial week end is usually the last week end of the month.. , since there was no Monday , it was moved up a week earlier…
we were suppose to go to a family picnik a few hours south of here, on Sunday… but…we thought it was on Monday??? needless to say we never made it. so i made the best of.. i seem to be getting pretty good at making lemon aid….
so i went to the George Eastman House and Museum of Photography (OUR GOD) if you will …:) well being a holiday the building was not open.. that was fine, that meant no one was there, and i go to walk the grounds… George loved His gardens.. so ill show you aroundΒ  the gardens… more to follow

one of the many garden walks. people rent this space for wedding pictures



i call this the woodlands





im not the best at taking macro shots ,but i was pleased with this



14 thoughts on “memorial week end ….part2…ohh Boy

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  1. What a beautiful place and such gorgeous captures. Would love to roam around those grounds! You certainly made up for missing that picnic…so good that you are able to “change gears” and make the best out of a situation!

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    1. Gotta make the best of our time right Susan πŸ˜‰ thanks your work has certainly influenced me , and with no one else at the Gardens I got to practice my macro work πŸ˜‰ all due to your last flowers and drops πŸ˜‰


  2. You most certainly made lemonade! These are wonderful shots and I’m so glad you and George were alone together. What a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing this. Sorry about the picnic Kathy.

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  3. Beautiful gardens! Love your captures.
    I laughed so hard about your Memorial Day dilemma…. it WAS confusing!
    You made the best of it. Sometimes it’s good to be out of step.


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