the Erie Canal at my back door..Part1

just a little History, before I begin my photo journey .  although I am use to living just steps away from a great lake, I cant complain at all , having the canal so close, its wonderful, we meet so many people in the summer months, who love to talk about their travels along the canal, where they been with the  with the boats (of all sizes). We live just minuets  from 2 towns on the Canal, we spend a great deal of  time between the 2.

The Erie Canal is a canal in New York that originally ran about 363 miles (584 km) from Albany, New York, on the Hudson River to Buffalo, New York, at Lake Erie. Built to create a navigable water route from New York City and the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes, the canal helped New York eclipse Philadelphia as the largest city and port[1][2] on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. The canal is now part of the New York State Canal System.

First proposed in 1807, its construction began in 1817. The canal contains 36 locks and a total elevation differential of about 565 feet (172 m). It opened on October 26, 1825.[2]

on the Erie Canal
on the Erie Canal, in Fairport,New York, on a friday Nite
a summer time vacation
a summer time vacation


family activities
family activities


well thats about it for now, next time we”ll take a walk to see what the canal was used for back in the day, and what they have changed into for modern times. thanks for stopping by. have a pleasant week


OutSide Art For the SOUL

Summer doesn’t last very long here in Western New York, and even then we all hold our breath in Hope that we do have a nice warm summer. So we try hard to do as many things outside as possible so on this day, after the Public market, while it was still rather early and No One to Bother ME!!! I stopped at our lovely Art Museum. It has One of the Largest City parks I’d like to show you.

a bit of History

Centennial Sculpture Park has recast ten acres of the Gallery’s grounds into a showcase of public art and urban space. In the Sculpture Park, you’ll find a new kind of ‘town square’ – a spectacular gathering spot located in the heart of the Neighborhood of the Arts and a destination for Rochesterians and visitors alike.

Four major artists were commissioned to create site specific work for Centennial Sculpture Park. Wendell Castle’s Unicorn Family provides an outdoor grouping of chairs, a table, and a lamp for visitors who like to sit and enjoy the passing scene. Jackie Ferrara created Marking Crossways, geometric pathways and cameos leading from the ‘quarry’ area to the front entrance of MAG. Tom Otterness, known internationally for his engaging installations created Creation Myth, two heroic figures at the corner of Goodman and University Street as well as 17 diminutive bronze muses scattered throughout the Park. Albert Paley installed Soliloquy, a colorful 25-foot stainless steel sculpture at the Goodman Street entrance.

Memorial Art Gallery
Memorial Art Gallery
a new kind of seating...
a new kind of seating…
from a distance
from a distance


follow the brick road
follow the brick road


private eyes are watching  you
private eyes are watching you
Memorial Art Gallery
Memorial Art Gallery
a few flowers



that does it for  today’s tour around  the Art Gallery in Rochester NY, thanks for stopping by

the land time forgot

MY Husband will go Photoging with me as long as He has something to do, (so my Friend Chris blogged about this camp last year.) and I knew I’d get Him to go.. so off we went. took us a while to find it. I cant wait to go back, and we did find some other activity going on there. a few hikers, a few campers.. and a few fishermen:)…..HISTORY AT BOTTOM

have to use the rest room… well this is it…… and its pretty much at the edge of a cliff
of course its been years since these camps were used, but we found them under all the brush
this is what was right behind the latrens
this is what was right behind the restrooms
wondering what building that is….. the bathrooms, shower stall and toilets, and old sinks. better stay on the path… all kinds of poison weeds. and a…snakes too.. yep i saw a few
ready to go Camping.........
ready to go Camping………
olympic size pool
Olympic size pool
a lean-to
a lean-to


Relatively unknown, Beechwood State Park is easily one of the most unique park experiences New York has to offer. A former Girl Scouts of America summer camp, the property has been left as it was abandoned in 1996. After 15 years the buildings are in a state of decay, with many overgrown by weeds. The Olympic-size pool is almost completely destroyed, and the large wooden dock on the lake has been demolished into piled up scrap along the shore. Campgrounds vary from fallen shelters covered in vines, to intact and clean lean-tos, almost ready for use. Throughout this designated nature park, the old campground’s lodges and miscellaneous structures are there to be discovered by the casual hiker. At least for now. Whether or not the state will demolish them in the future is unknown.

well thanks for stopping by, i hope you enjoyed your visit… ill be back with more  from this place. we had a great time investigating 🙂

a walk through our farmers market

well i had plans to meet up with a friend, unfortunately she became ill during the nite. so off i went on my Merry way…

the Rochester Public Market
the Rochester Public Market

although there aren’t many farmers here on Thursday mornings, its a fantastic atmosphere for us who don’t

like crowds


lots of elbow room:)

how bout some kale juice this morning
how bout some kale juice this morning

i had a grand time

got some fresh baby eggplant and garlic thingys
got some fresh baby eggplant and garlic thingys

then it was time to take a peak around

too early to taste any whiskey, thats what they make in that reddish building
dont know what my English friend would think of us making their Tellies into ATM machines

ordinarily ..on Saturdays you cant even move its so darn crowded, so i thought id show you what our city has, people rave about this market, im not sure why, when we go on vacation one of the things we like to do is visit other city public markets… and we always are in awe of what others have…i guess:)  any way, now that the veggies are here, this is how i spend my Thursdays …and some times Saturdays, depending on what i need. and thats the end of my little tour for today. thanks for stopping by,later gators

Part 3 .Daddys little Girl is getting Married

good food, good friends, a great celebration
good food, good friends, a great celebration

All i can say is thank God, i am a photographer.. the camera saved me from crying like a baby. My poor Husband was a mess. some odds and ends before i leave this week old event

how 'bout a piece of wedding cake.. in the freezer now:)
how ’bout a piece of wedding cake.. in the freezer now:)
Father of the Bride
Father of the Bride
its not a wedding in our family..unless theres cookies
its not a wedding in our family..unless there are cookies

Part 2, Daddys’ little Girl gets hitched

Just a few pics from the wedding, i actually didn’t have much time to take pictures, since my Husband and I were  running around like crazy, thank God i did hire photogs:)


lets get those I DOs' in order
lets get those I DOs’ in order
she said ...I DO
she said …I DO
He said......I DO!!!
He said……I DO!!!
then there was Sylvia, practicing her roll as flower girl, even after the ceremony
then there was Sylvia, practicing her role as flower girl, even after the ceremony
let the new chapter of Their lives begin
let the new chapter of Their lives begin
the new chapter starts
the new chapter starts


well that’s all for now… I’m still struggling myself , with the fact that she is married.

and i remembering all the things i forgot to do at the reception……ohh boy 😦

The week end wedding, Our Little Girl Got Married

I hope i don’t put too many of you asleep with my wedding photos. but its the final wedding in our family. Our Little Girl finally found Her Knight in Shinning Armour,and He has already asked if it would be ok..for Him to call me Mom. of course i said Yes.

 i just wanted to post a few tonight, the stress has left and tiredness has set in.

the rehearsal dinner…. will it ever get cooked????
so. while the food was getting drenched..oh I mean grilled.. we decorated the tables
so. while the food was getting drenched..oh I mean grilled.. we decorated the tables
the rain has stopped..but will it stay away???
sure looks like it could be a smashing day
til tomorrow when i catch up to everyone:)
til tomorrow when i catch up to everyone:)

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