In Hell or on vacation

so, we started our journey Tuesday morning, in the wee hours, I might add, perfect for us, I can always fall asleep on a plane. We decided to take south west for the very first time , to Florida ,  with one short lay over. 

Just made our connection, which was fine, I love not having to wait .when we arrived at our final destination Tampa….  We were excited to start our week long  vacation. That’s when everything went haywire….

The airline either lost,my Husbands luggage or some one “accidentally” walked off with it.!!!!!!!! Well its the next dayand the airline still has not found it so it must be the later. Now the airline will not do anything for 5 days, so, it’s time to use vacation funds to buy Him some clothing, and new footware.  Not something any one ever excepts to do.  He’s ready To go back home.   So I took a few pics of yesterday’s activities, just encase we do head back home.   These shots are from a hotel we are staying at for a few days, in Sarasota.  Next stop will either be …Home or Clearwater ….. Stay tuned.


24 thoughts on “In Hell or on vacation

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  1. saddened to hear about your hubby’s lost luggage… ❤ we did fly from Toulouse to Florida, via London with British Airways and all our "stuff" did follow… so next time, you'll know what to do, O.K. 😉 good luck and try to stay "cool" whenever you can't control situations or circumstances… what else?!… 🙂

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  2. aaaah, that is a bugger to have your luggage lost…BUT.. you can’t do anything else about it, so buy him some cheap clothes and carry on with your vacation, you will laugh about it next year! and take plenty of photos!

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      1. I understand, my man Paul has a similar attitude… I just try to tune out the negatif vibes, and get on with what you can. Good luck, I hope you are in Clearwater next, will be awaiting the shots!

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  3. My first reaction was jealousy that you can actually sleep on planes until I read on. Love the pictures so far and hope your vacation continues without any further inconvenience.

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