People at the Truck Rodeo

Its always fun and it has always captivated me, just to watch people, something i learned along time ago from a cousin of mine. so when i get bored of what ever it is that I’ve attended. i people watch..who hasn’t..right?:)

she saw me, and couldn't get away fast enough
she saw me, and couldn’t get away fast enough
yep she saw me and my lens alright
then ya have your folks who have never tried food truck food, ad they are all kinds of confused
Hes really diggin the grub
i couldn’t believe how big this cigar was, so u know i had to try and get the smoke….
…And..i did 🙂
you can always pick out the foreigners , they just dress differently. certainly not that there is anything at all wrong with that..i look for it:)!
then there was this guy, it was just noon, ,beer in hand. with his Fidal Castro look
Mr.Godly Locks just strutted around all while we were there, with the 2 girls behind him:) must have been an extra good hair day…..
its always a riot to watch how some people will try to eat their food in a park…. me i would have held the plate to my chin.. or better yet sat at a table:)
i would have liked to fix this one up with Mr. godly locks :)) she had high heels on as well:))
then there’s the local celebs…. the guy in the black shirt…Moe… has a forever tan, Hes known around these part for all the bars hes opened around town
she famous here in Rochester ,NY. awesome voice, and sings rock and roll and the blues
and this girl sings fairy tale songs, and thats why she has a cape on. that was her opening line. not my kind of music.. but it was a good opener for me to take people pics:)))
yep that’s my Husband, he thinks no one can tell Hes people watching:) and that is it for the Rodeo shots. I hope you’ve enjoyed it, and thanks for stopping by

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  1. Funny ^_^ I like so much to do the same: just be there and see the world and notice the details and try to guess the story behind what I’m seeing, and if can to try to do it with humor. Nicely done, thank you!

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