our Columbus weekend getaway

the Adirondack Park  are about a 3 hour drive for us.,  a bit of Geography before i start with my photos.. and oh boy do i have photos.  i love going to the Mnts. .. at certain times of the year.. well 6 months out of the year to be exact.  when there’s no snow..to be any clearer:)  this time of year its great for leaf peeping the colors are extraordinary

this Mnt range  form a massif in the northeast of Upstate New York. the Mnts form a circular dome pattern of about 160  miles in diameter and about 1 mile high the current relief owes much to glaciation (wiki) there’s much History on these mnts. I’ll get into that when we reach the Museum …some time this week.

excuse the glare. when we go for a short week end we usually just stay on route 28 and go anywhere between old forge and blue mnt. lake. and stay in Inlet, which is in the middle
it rained the entire first day, but by evening i was able to snap off a few. this was taken with my i phone 6. just before sunset
we have just entered the Adirondack Park
this lake stems around parts of old forge all the way over to parts of inlet, and we always take the back road (south shore ) to see wild life. and we have too, bear, and deer of course, but all in all the years we’ve taken back roads we have never seen a moose:(
these critters are so use to people, im standing right next to this one.. most of these were taken with my I phone, i didnt want to take the chance of getting my Camera wet. …no Bear this trip
this is right next to our motel.
taking a little drive for dinner
Just something i liked:)
it stated out the day from hell, we should be use to that nothing ever goes weel for us on vacation
it stated out the day from hell, we should be use to that nothing ever goes well for us on vacation. our  C.C was compromised , most likely happened the last time we were in Fl.!!!  needless to say My Husband now hates that state!!
i don’t get out to shoot much at nite time, i really like how this turned out.. of course its not nite for normal people , but it is for us.. 🙂 we are very early risers. this was taken about 7pm.. again with my I phone
ahhh, thank the Gods , Saturday was beautiful!!! yep still using my I phone. that’s Dave’s head in the middle chair. taken at the Woods Inn
as cold as it has been up there already.. there were still flowers. and out motel (we always stay at least2 nites here,over the past 30 years) always has these at every door way. last time we were here i was able to shoot a few humming birds.
a little strip of Inlet NY. this town is always bustling we got in before the crowds , Columbus week end is a biggie here, most of the places shut down the day after. till the snow flies, then its time for snowmobiles and other winter activities.. that’s when you’d never find me in these parts
and that will do it for this leg of my journey , ill be back in a few days, if you stopped by, i hope you enjoyed the visit. and come back real soon,
and that will do it for this leg of my journey , ill be back in a few days, if you stopped by, i hope you enjoyed the visit. and come back real soon, id love to show you more of our Mountains, and what we do when we go there.

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  1. Kathy the hubby has always wanted to go there to fly fish and your gorgeous images makes me want to indulge him…fishing aside 🙂 OMG, the colours & views are spectacular & all with your iPhone – amazing work Kathy. I want to see more please!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh Mary thank you!! It is an awesome place, in the summer and early fall;)! Yep u should look into it, maybe we could meet there;)?!! Dave doesn’t fish at all. But he loves to hike the mnts. Umm no I don’t do the Mnts.. Cuz once ya go up.. Ya gotta come down.. I’d kill myself b4 I’d get to the bottom ;)). Ok stay tuned for part 2 hopefully in s few days


  2. Your photos reminded me of all the times I went up in that area hiking, racing (I was a trail runner in my younger days, but I expect my email hints at that) and skiing. Of course, your photos made it all look far nicer than what I remembered. I especially liked the one near your motel.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohh thank you Jim , so much! I’m glad I could move the cobwebs around a little for you. I’d say we probably passed each other up there, but I don’t believe the 30 years we’ve been going I’ve ever seen a race of any sort ;( too bad.
      Well the 2nd installment will be coming very soon , hope u stay tuned;) and tanks again for stopping by;) ❤️


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