looking for the Great pumpkin

i thought I’d better take advantage of the day,  sun shinning and being in the 50’s. so i did what my good friend Mary Smyth does, i took a walk in the near by village, (My Village in My town).  with camera in one hand and iPhone neatly stashed away on my shoulder, and started to walk , the weirdest things were happening. people would ask me crazy questions.. they thought i was a Realtor.. and then…. the cops came..

yep, nice and slow.. around and around the blocks they went ..just watching. i was prepared if i was questioned:) i personally know the Chief..and His Wife:) , its true i rub elbows with  the elite … lol. anyway, after i got what i needed i decided.. why take chances? and i also felt good, knowing some one must have called them as said, there’s a stranger walking  all around..taking pictures. makes me feel just a little safer.

anyway these are a few of the shots i got, i might have to go back over there this week end (if its not raining..or snowing) just to see the kids.

these people go all out… i wonder what size candy bar they give out..i just might be back here:)




getting ready to pack it all up, i made a friend.. this is Harley. Shes only 6 mos. old. i would have loved to of gotten a closer shot,to show off her coat. but shes a jumper, this Dog is gonna be a Marmaduke. if you could have seen the paws. anyway thanks for stopping by, I had a great day, especially meeting Harley. hope you had a good day as well.

24 thoughts on “looking for the Great pumpkin

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  1. Beautiful day, glad to know you have friends in high places 😉
    In a certain way it’s funny because the Halloween arrangements I think in Scooby Doo cartoons, in the end the origin of phantoms and monsters were usually realtors XD
    Thanks for share your nice day ☺

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  2. Your town does Halloween right ❤ I love the one with the big white porch #5 and of course the colours in the first one are amazing. There ‘re just all good Kathy! That is too funny being followed by the cops…you do look terribly dangerous & with your connections they were obviously new recruits. It has been a glorious last few days and I am having a hard time holding back from making a third Halloween decoration walk – went on number 2 this morning 😃 I adore your blog.

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    1. 👻thanks Mary, you were my inspiration to be honest, and I hope you didn’t mind me mentioning you?;) Yes that is one if my favorite houses in the village. I’m going to try to get Dave to go with me Halloween nite , maybe I could bribe him with some candy 😂🎃
      Ok well I’ll be waiting to see your next installment . Thanks for stopping Mary

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  3. great walkabout! You guys really ‘do’ Halloween, here we’ll have some dressed up kids come round with their parents and Ihave 1 pumpkin and some sweeties for the kids, no decorations or anything, maybe I’m just boring haha. 🙂

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    1. Oh not at all Fraggy, I have a small pumpkin sitting on my front stoop. And on Halloween nite the lights are out and the doors are locked up. We don’t get any kittle kids by my house . Are I refuse to give big teenagers candy!! I always did it big in the city , and in my bus, so now to get in the spirit I have to go elsewhere 😉
      And that’s fine.. No candy to eat up 🎃😂😂😂. Thanks for stopping Fraggy

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    1. Lol Jay, I missed you, I’ll never catch up, Gaud you saw a lot of movies. Since its been crazy here, and I’ve only posted a few times .. It took me awhile to realize you were gone. Not sure what happened but I’m glad I found out!!!! 🍁👻 I had to go to a different neighborhood to see these things;) I don’t do anything for Halloween


    1. It really is, very family oriented. We’ve been here for 30 years now. And the only reason I’d leave is.. For more warmth, I do not like winter in WNY;)! Never have never will. 😉 thanks for stopping by🍁👻

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