Happy Halloween

By now anyone who reads my blog Knows , I’m not the normal photog:)  i shoot what i like ,when i like. and i dont have any particular method, that seems to vary, from day to day..still ,after all these years. i get bored easily. well today while we were driving around we ran into  a different type of Halloween parade.. so with out further ado …

they were all so darn cute
they were all so darn cute


gimmi my dog bone








please mommy, i wanna go now
please mommy, i wanna go now


yes we saw people too 🙂
and.. it was time to hit the road again. these were all taken with my Nikon, and we found all of this at the new College Town at University Of Rochester. i hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. have a safe and happy Halloween, and..don’t for get to turn your clocks tonight.. back

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  1. That event looks like such a hoot Kathy. I adored the convict dog! And you had your Nikon with you. You must be one of the very, very few photographers I know that shoots superb images on both an iPhone & a real camera. Some of us are not blessed like that 😕 You know how I love your blog and it is for the reason you stated, you are one of a kind and not boring ❤

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    1. Ahh Mary thank you , I needed a kind word or 2 today , fir no particular reason, so don’t worry ;)! Sincerely thank you ❤️!!
      And we did have s great time looking at all those dogs, and yeah He’s my favorite as well, an English Wolf Hound, we don’t see many of that breed around these parts. He was very scidish , no one could pet Him:(
      Have a great day , it’s windy here , but the sun is out;)!!! 70’s all next week, we better take advantage😍

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