one more to go

As i have said before I’m not a fan of this month at all, weather wise, or people wise, the weather doesn’t know what its wants to do,although we have been very lucky this year.  and  then there’s the people… People of all shapes, coming at you,from every direction, and in the USA there’s Thanksgiving..which mean there’s always a big get together some where….. and that usually means travel… maybe i wouldn’t mind so much if we were going some where warm(er)..beaches and know:)!!!and of course people have begun shopping for Christmas.. so traffic is crazy, stores are drives me crazy :)!!!  jus’say’n! so with our any more of my complaining or whining, and i don’t mean to, let me  get to what ive been doing.

a few days before Nov.26th i explored a few places in the city, found some awesome art…hello…hello…hello
stopped at a unique coffee joint..called Equal Grounds
more modern art
back at …Equal Grounds……get it
then it was Thanksgiving  (in the USA) time to make that trek to the north part Buffalo about a good 1 1/2 hour drive from where we live(in another cityi was lucky to catch this when i was loading up the car, about 7am
this is as close as i come to Green Bean Casserole.. that would be the dish in the middle…… yuck
my Husbands favorite pie..Banana cream . ill take His word for it.. not a fan of cream pies…geeze i sound fussy don’t i? well for the record im not
must have wine
i was in charge of desserts..what do you think? something for everyone. sweet potato pie, way over in the far corner. Apple pie, molasses  cookies,  pumpkin roll, and an assortment of butter cookies.
even with a small gathering of family, there must always be something Italian on the table…. its law:)!!! lol
lets not forget Mr. TomTurkey….  i love dark meat.. whats your favorite?
we had the moon to follow all the way home, i would have snapped continuously ,but i drove home:(. this is in my drive way
and i hope every one  tries to give some sort of thanks Daily.. i know i do!!!!

thanks for taking time to stop by,  and if u celebrated i hope your feast was a good one. lets all be thankful for what we have by sharing with others, especially the less fortunate.

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  1. OMG what a fabulous spread Kathy. I would have been happy with the lasagna, molasses cookies and of course, the wine. Maybe that’s why no-one wants me hosting any holiday event…they all know I believe in fewer choices. As always, I love seeing what catches your eye on your walk about!

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  2. wow, I do envy your Thanksgiving festival……. all that tucker…(Australian for food, haha) your dessert dishes are quite different to ours, apart from Apple Pie, which must be an international favourite! Maybe you know Pavlova, a soft meringue type dessert, which we and the New Zealanders have been arguing over which country it originated in. Generally served with Passionfruit/Raspberry and wads of fresh cream. And Trifle, which I think is an English dessert, but made Australian by the addition of all of our more warm climate fruits. These two would be at most Australian feasts, along with cheesecake and a custardy thing which my husband makes. (Ugh !) So thanks for your view of Thanksgiving.
    from Andrea D. in Albany WA.

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    1. Oh Andrea, your desserts sound wonderful! Yes I am familiar with every one that you mentioned, those are dessert I might order at a restaurant 😉 too hard for me to make;)) where’re as we grew up with making the ones that you see, I could make them in my sleep;)! Thanks For your kind words and for stopping by.
      And Happy Holidays to you. Hopefully your “burning season” ends soon,


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