2015 in review

I generally don’t finish anything i start, i get bored  easily, so I’m impressed with myself, that I’ve kept it up and made some new friends along the way. a big Thanks to Everyone who has stopped by over 2015.(since my existence )   and Happy New Year !

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Happy Holidaze……..

I know I haven’t been on in a while, with getting ready for Christmas,  and of course it wouldn’t be a holiday..unless i got sick…. par for the course. and as always I waited to long to see the Dr. . the antibiotic helped a lot..double doses. and pain meds too. I’m healing..  happy to report.

I received the most awesome present for my wonderful husband,

fujifilm X-T10   ive only been wanting  a mirrorless camera for over a year, and i was torn between this and the Olympus. i must say im very happy with this camera.23636391499_3e24f54a40_o

the felines were pretty good this year, so Santa brought them a present too
 being sick of looking at food, we went for a drive , and i tested out the new “toy”  the rest of the photos  are all drive bys. mostly in the inner city. here we are heading that way, this is  the shabby downtown area.



 a noted drug corner… and if you look over to the right… that shadow .. some one was killed there. its actually one of those cut outs.. and there’s flowers around it.
 encase you dont know why that truck is there…its a drug buy. if you look to the left,upper corner there are  city cameras there.that’s why the truck is pulled up the way it is
waiting for their next clients to show
i love this church, well photographically speaking, but this is as close as ill ever get.
and of course there are many “Zombie houses” around
 so enough of the Ghetto,  we are heading towards downtown again. im so impressed with this camera, i cant believe it.
 it really is a flat iron building
 City of Rochester,NY downtown
and.. no outing is complete with out a stop at the Mt.Hope Cemetery

well that’s about it, i didn’t do much in the way of family photos, mostly because no one that was here likes their picture taken, and not feeling well, i just wasnt up to the “discussion”

if you stopped by.. thank you, and i hope you had a very merry..what ever you celebrate. and please have a wonderful and safe new year.

later gators

The Shaw Festival

So..My Birthday is over but in my mind im still celebrating:), and nothing is getting done to prepare for Christmas..but that’s ok… because pretty soon, ill be packing for Florida! yes my mind is a million miles away..and pretty soon my body will be too 🙂  for awhile.

So while we were in Niagara on the Lake for those of you who don’t know.. its the  Major Theater Festival site.

The Shaw Festival is a major Canadian theatre festival in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, the second largest repertory theatre company in North America. Founded in 1962, its original mandate was to stimulate interest in George Bernard Shaw and his period, and to advance the development of theatre arts in Canada.

so  id like to show you the town, we dont usually go out to much at nite..only because we are up at 4:30 am.. Monday through Friday. but .. now that it gets dark so early..i actually got to take a few “shots in the Dark”


Lunch time, one of our favorite place to eat..and drink.
Must have coffee, while strolling a round, after all it is Dec.. and the wind coming off of Lake Ontario is biting
found some awesome nik naks in here
finally traffic died down so i could get a good shot, one day i might be able to afford to stay there:)
time for a mid afternoon cocktail

a few door ways, and yes another coffee stop:)

had to go home(back to our Inn,) we were freezing

not the best shot, but im ot use to nitetime photoging.

any way, we came back for the Christmas lighting, and Santa, dinner and drinks

I’m on the hunt..looking for Santa
i heard rumors He was just here….
the crowds are forming, where Is He, candles are being passed out
the Queens Court….. hearyee,hearyeee..
everyone is waiting, the candles are all lite, and im getting claustrophobic
i spotted Olde St. Nick.. for a second. and He was gone

well we have never seen so many people…ever!!!  there was no room to move, i had to leave fast.. b4 a panic attack set in. of course i saw Santa long b4 the crowds did. believe me when i tell you it was a mass of humanity. so this was our stroll around the main street of Niagara on the lake, a fantastic community. and how they all came together , and everyone bought candles .. the proceeds all went to the children school in town.  $2.50 a candle. and when we did leave we gave our candles to a young family.. who probably  couldn’t afford to spend an extra 5 dollars (Canadian)  .

next time, ill introduce the faces i captured:)  and if you did stop by.. thank you, and have a wonderful week end.

My Birthday Weekend

i spotted Olde St. Nick.. for a second. and He was gone
checking in at our lovely Inn..South Landing INN located in Queenston,Ontario

as you get older ,you learn to buy your own things.. well i do anyway, so on my birthday, for the last few years, my Husband takes me on an over-niter somewhere, since it is winter, and the last few winters have been agonizingly brutal, we tend to stay inside New York State, but this years its been mild, so we went on a 2 hour jaunt ..over the border to Ontario Canada .  to Niagara on The Lake

Niagara played a central role in the War of 1812. Niagara was taken in the Battle of Fort George by American forces after a two-day bombardment by cannons from Fort Niagara and the American Fleet, followed by a fierce battle. Later in the war the town was razed and burnt to the ground by American soldiers as they withdrew to Fort Niagara. Undaunted by this setback, often referred to as the “burning of Newark,” the citizens rebuilt the town after the war, with the residential quarter around Queen Street and toward King Street, where the new Court House was rebuilt using material from the firing range of the cannons at Fort Niagara.[5] In 1859 the town built its first public school, Niagara Public School.[6]

there’s so much History here, here’s just a taste. the reason we go, (and avoid Niagara falls) its so quaint, and NOT glitzy,people are friendly. so here we go, the day we arrived, and as i usually not out at nite.. i was this past week end:0 , so ill be back. and if you stopped by.. thanks, and have a wonderful day

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