Happy Holidaze……..

I know I haven’t been on in a while, with getting ready for Christmas,  and of course it wouldn’t be a holiday..unless i got sick…. par for the course. and as always I waited to long to see the Dr. . the antibiotic helped a lot..double doses. and pain meds too. I’m healing..  happy to report.

I received the most awesome present for my wonderful husband,

fujifilm X-T10   ive only been wanting  a mirrorless camera for over a year, and i was torn between this and the Olympus. i must say im very happy with this camera.23636391499_3e24f54a40_o

the felines were pretty good this year, so Santa brought them a present too
 being sick of looking at food, we went for a drive , and i tested out the new “toy”  the rest of the photos  are all drive bys. mostly in the inner city. here we are heading that way, this is  the shabby downtown area.



 a noted drug corner… and if you look over to the right… that shadow .. some one was killed there. its actually one of those cut outs.. and there’s flowers around it.
 encase you dont know why that truck is there…its a drug buy. if you look to the left,upper corner there are  city cameras there.that’s why the truck is pulled up the way it is
waiting for their next clients to show
i love this church, well photographically speaking, but this is as close as ill ever get.
and of course there are many “Zombie houses” around
 so enough of the Ghetto,  we are heading towards downtown again. im so impressed with this camera, i cant believe it.
 it really is a flat iron building
 City of Rochester,NY downtown
and.. no outing is complete with out a stop at the Mt.Hope Cemetery

well that’s about it, i didn’t do much in the way of family photos, mostly because no one that was here likes their picture taken, and not feeling well, i just wasnt up to the “discussion”

if you stopped by.. thank you, and i hope you had a very merry..what ever you celebrate. and please have a wonderful and safe new year.

later gators

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  1. From your images the new camera & you seem a perfect match. Nice work Kathy. With a trip to Florida in the offing you will be able to capture some pretty amazing beach shots…please share the warmth! And how awful being sick over Christmas. Must be all the prep & street you poor dear. Take care of yourself, hugs

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    1. Thanks Mary, I still can’t get over how much j love this camera, all I did was crop those shots. As for me and being sick.. I’m doing well ! Just an infection , the meds kicked in pretty fast . And although the weather has been decent.. YES I am looking forward to “more” warmth. And the ocean. . I will do my best to share the warmth Mar😘thanks. And Happy New Year


  2. So sorry you were sick for Christmas, I hope you are feeling better now. And how lucky are you to get that new camera!! Everyone who has one seems to love it. Love all the moody shots you took so far…and I totally get the family pic thing, my boys hate having their picture taken too. Happy New Year to you and yours!

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    1. Thanks Susan , I can’t believe it , your boys? The shots you get they always look like they love it.
      I’m really happy with this new “TOT” of mine, I’m hoping to just bring that to Fl.
      And I’m on the mend thank you so much. And the best to you and the family, that the new year has to offer ❤️


  3. If it’s any consolation I’ve been struck down by the winter lurgy too.I did enjoy your photographs though, and the zombie houses have got me intrigued, such a waste!

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    1. Hey thanks Paul , hope your feeling better now? Wouldn’t want you to miss the festivities in a few days . And I agree it is a waste .. Of tax payers money .. All big cities have them. It’s just that mine is small in comparison, and easier to find. Of course it help when your hubby was in law enforcement and knows where to go 😉

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  4. wow, Kathy….. for me a lesson in how the other half live!
    I am not totally ignorant of druggies and their hangouts, I know there is that element in my small town, but certainly not so upfront as your images show!
    I have been doctor visiting also for the last 4 weeks, after skidding and getting a major gravel rash on one leg. (I told my friends I came off a motor bike, it is that sort of injury!) That was not true, just slipped down a gravel hill on the side of my leg. But it has taken a while to heal.
    Hope you are well on the way to health again, so you may enjoy your Florida vacation, and the beaches. Foe us, beaches are the norm, and your ghetto is exotic!
    It takes all sorts to make up this world, hey?

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    1. Oh Andrea, im so sorry about your fall, those are the worse kinds of falls. ..the scabs seem to last forever. i hope at least the pain has subsided.?!
      well, for my photos, i am lucky enough to live with “law Enforcement” so..He took me down. id never go alone.
      although when i drove bus, i was in that area alot.
      i live a few suburbs away, for all of that, but we do live in a small City. thanks for stopping by. hoping you heal fast:)!! and Have a wonderful New Year


    1. wow, thanks Mario. i truly am on cloud 9. ive decided to take it to Florida, and leave my heavy Nikon at home. im loving the results. and all that it can do. im just having problems with the wifi connection. but theres always a way around that:) thanks for stopping… and Happy New Year

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