well winter has really arrived

well I’m packing my suitcase and heading south for a few weeks, well only 2 , but that will take care of Jan. and if need be ill go straight back down there if feb. is bad.  so I’ve been busy with  the newest member of my camera family My Fujifilm X T10.  and I’ve been also busy purchasing gear for it.  since it has a retro look ,i just received. my retro case. and later today  my zoom lens should arrive.

it took me a while to figure out this little puzzle, but once i did, i was very pleased with the look. i had to hurry and get a case, i felt like i was taking a baby out with out being baptized.”)
on my way to the conservatory on our first frigid day (12 Degrees). saw this, another light box. in front of a firehouse.
Lamberton Conservatory. one day I’m going to find out way these buildings are all built the same way
DSCF0127b - Copy
the poinsettia x.mas tree.
still working on the settings, but i was really happy with this shot.  yes thats right its a turtle eating a tomato.
ahh can ya feel the warmth…
how ’bout some dry heat… sure felt good  this is probably my favorite room at the conservatory.
well it was time to move along.. and i ran over to Lake Ontario (a great Lake ), and as cold as it was. there was a woman sitting taking photos with her huge DSLR.. i shot off a few and ran back into the car.  we like to come up here during the seasons, to catch sunsets, and to wave to our neighbors in Canada .


last but not least. a look out at the Bay. the colors were extraordinary for this time of year.

and that does it. im so happy with my new camera. im actually going to sell My DSLR when i return from Florida.  if you stopped by, i hoped you enjoyed my little tour around the neighborhood, a little different than my last blog..eh:)!

and thanks. Have an awesome rest of the week.  next time i post.. ill be in sunny Florida.


22 thoughts on “well winter has really arrived

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  1. I am so glad you are having fun and enjoying your new camera (baby). Just a little information Kathy, describe it as an X-T10 because an X10 is a 4 year old Fuji point and shoot camera 🙂 Have a wonderful 2 weeks in the warmth.

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      1. It took a lot for me to sell my full frame Nikon D610 and lenses after being a Nikon user for 35 years Now I am completely happy with my Fuji X-Pro 1, X100T and X-T1 and lenses.

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      2. Well… I will hold on to my Nikon for awhile.. Sentimental I guess, I love my D7000 and my 17-260 lens, but they are heavy.. It’s gonna take me a while to part with them 😉 thanks for all your help Joe

        also im not the guru you are, but id never call this a point and shoot

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  2. Lol Mrs.O the X10 is a point & shoot you got the X-T10, you gotta have the hyphen 🙂 Love these shots, that poinsettia christmas tree is bang tidy. Am sure Francis will tell you why those conservatories are all built the same way. Your doing really well with new camera, look forward to your Florida pics. Safe travels ❤

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    1. Fraggy thank you I was not aware if my blunder and wondered all day , why Joe said what I thought he said 😉
      Ahh that learning curve.. It’s tough on the old Noggin but I’ll get it 😉
      And thanks it’s so cold here, I can’t wait to feel the sun!!! 😘😎later gator

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