The Boss and the E street Band

so the other day i got a phone call , and the person asked if we (hubby and Me) wanted to go to a concert, she had extra tickets… i hemmed and hawed as i always do.. because i really dont like to be in crowds. well we agreed to go , and then found out this person wanted 300 bucks from us. well ok.. i was a bit disturbed at the beginning… but i got over it. even more so after the show.

of course we  grew up with Bruce. i remember when the E street band played at all the local colleges.. for 5 bucks , and usually all the tap beer you could drink.

things change 🙂 but He is still the MAN to see, what a concert!! he seems to truly love the audience. so this is what i got. if i would have known they weren’t going to check purses i certainly would have brought my camera.

this 66 year old rocker still has what it takes


and Mark Clemons (Clarences’ Nephew) wow, he was darn good
yep.. you guessed it.. he body surfed through the audience .


after 3 hours of playing he walked into the audience and grabbed signs, they were all songs people wanted to hear. sure enough they played them


getting help back onto the stage after the body wave.
so the body next to Bruce… she was holding a sign that it was her65th birthday, Bruce pulled Her up on stage and , still not sure if she knew how to play or not, but they strapped a guitar on her and she did what she did:0 it was pretty awesome
this was towards the end, they all got really close to the mass of people.

The E street Band Played to a sold out crowd, Rochester,NY has a small venue by big city standards.. the Blue cross arena holds 13,000 people.  In my years…I’ve sen my share of concerts, and i know everyone usually says the last concert they saw was the best..but this one… this one will stand out in my mind for years to come.

they played from 8:20 till 11:20.  most oft he songs were from the River Album  but there was not one song they didnt play, ever a few covers.

Friday = Fence Friday

as long as i can remember I’ve been shooting at fences ,i also belong to a few photography groups on Flickr.. solely for the purpose of showing fences. as a rule its always on Friday. so i thought id step away from my Florida pics for a bit and share some of my fences, yeah i know sounds kind of weird, but we fence people take it to the next have a look see.

and if you stopped by  thank you, and have an awesome week end


Lake Ontario.. this is a Great Lake.
and this is by the lake .. it was extremely cold that day
over by a Bay outlet, on a sunny day
looks can be deceiving
early spring, by the lake
i found a short cut, to the start of spring, come on follow me……
ahhh spring, can this be far off from our future
the village always has a nice variety of flowers around the Erie Canal
yep still considered a fence of sorts.. and i liked all the green
roaming around the George Eastman Estate
 and then there’s always the peaceful walk through an Historic cemetery
 and i certainly couldn’t leave out Florida, my home away from home

well , hopefully you can see why i like fences..  my collection as far as i can tell goes back 7 years. these have either been taken with a Fuji,  many Nikons or my latest fujiX-X10. and besides the Florida shot, all were taken locally

Floridians in Black & White

While my good friends Mary Smyth and Fraggy  are posting in Black and White, thye have encouraged me on so many levels through the years, I’ve decided to give it a go.. of course my new FujifilmX-T10 has been a huge help to me. I love street photoging, so i thought id share some of my “people”  shots in B&W.  and a few stories along the way

when ever ive been to St,Johns Pass this woman is feeding all of the wild life, this particular  day she must have had some very special seed. and i was very pleased that i got a reflection  too 🙂
just looking for a place to get warm and have lunch..and a cocktail of course 🙂
stopped at Clearwater  Beach on our way back to the condo, hit one of our favorite watering holes, and this is what i saw. it was so cold that day. this beach is never empty.
the next day was a bit warmer, found a jogger all by Him self.
hard to tell if this guy was one of the many transients  or just catching the rays
 this guy reminded me of an old Humphrey Bogart Movie.
 Breakfast time at the Covered Bridge cafe.   this was our waitress
ok, i got caught 🙂 so what… lol, i really was trying to get that guy in the back, he had an E.cig. and the smoke that was bellowing  around him was something else.but every time   with out fail some one got in my way.. so this was the best i could do
i couldnt keep my eyes off this little girl, she was on the verge of tears, and  i got lost in those big eyes
 well here come the story….. we took a 3 hour ride to Ft.Myers Beach , and this older woman, figured we were there for a good time, so she directed o=us to this tiki bar, that had a happy hour like no other… the place was pack to the rafters. , so while i was getting my bearings.. and a drink 🙂 this giu just walked up and said oh take my picture… so i did 🙂

on with the story…….

 My Husband has always been nervous about my being “so friendly” when we r on Vaca.. and my good Friend Dawn (on the inside)  has mentioned it to me a few times as well.. but… i think im a fairly good judge  of people.. anyway, the woman on the end..  is some one we dont know and most likely never see again.. she and her Husband were on vacation from way up North in Canada . we all started talking, he told us he was a retired Mounted  Police officer  and she said she was a  Physiotherapist……

he showed us card tricks..i was not amused , but my friend was..   we drank way to much, and had to get up at 5:30 am to catch the ferry to Key, the end, it doesnt hurt to be friendly at a bar… as long as you have a few rules in place:)  oh ps..thats me in the middle :))

well if  you stopped by thanks. and have an awesome rest of the week. and @fragglercking   and @MarySmyth   , thank you for all of your encouagement.

i need another vacation

well ive been home for a little over a week now, still going through my photos. and still wishing i was back in Florida.  mind you i have nothing to really complain about, i just dont care to be in Western  New York  any longer. here it is 7am and its still pitch black. and WNY has been lucky so far this winter, we have not gotten hit with a bad winter…but its still colder than my body likes, so .. ive pretty much been back in hibernation.

so going through some of my photos, i thought id share my Pelicans ..yes thats right i said My 🙂 and a few other snaps.

as i stumble to learn my new Gear..FujiFilm X-T10 , I’m learning i cant go anywhere with out it.

Mr.P is trying hard to get this fisherman’s attention. im not sure what He he was trying to catch.. im sure some one out there knows?…  he had a huge net with some knind of big hook inside the bag.
one way or another MR.P is gonna try to get what ever that fisherman is getting:)
 lol, , my friend thought i was mad taking all kinds of photos of these birds.
no no, not a Pelican… but i liked that he flew right in my way ….
lol,  heres the other end:)
can you hear Him calling out…look at me look at me
well it was time for lunch so we hit the pavement, in search of some good grub and a cocktail
and after some well needed nourishment we took another walk  .


ill close with these little peeps collecting shells. and if you took time to stop by, thanks very much. and have a great rest of the week.



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