i need another vacation

well ive been home for a little over a week now, still going through my photos. and still wishing i was back in Florida.  mind you i have nothing to really complain about, i just dont care to be in Western  New York  any longer. here it is 7am and its still pitch black. and WNY has been lucky so far this winter, we have not gotten hit with a bad winter…but its still colder than my body likes, so .. ive pretty much been back in hibernation.

so going through some of my photos, i thought id share my Pelicans ..yes thats right i said My 🙂 and a few other snaps.

as i stumble to learn my new Gear..FujiFilm X-T10 , I’m learning i cant go anywhere with out it.

Mr.P is trying hard to get this fisherman’s attention. im not sure what He he was trying to catch.. im sure some one out there knows?…  he had a huge net with some knind of big hook inside the bag.
one way or another MR.P is gonna try to get what ever that fisherman is getting:)
 lol, , my friend thought i was mad taking all kinds of photos of these birds.
no no, not a Pelican… but i liked that he flew right in my way ….
lol,  heres the other end:)
can you hear Him calling out…look at me look at me
well it was time for lunch so we hit the pavement, in search of some good grub and a cocktail
and after some well needed nourishment we took another walk  .


ill close with these little peeps collecting shells. and if you took time to stop by, thanks very much. and have a great rest of the week.



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  1. Oh Kathy they are wonderful and I can see we share the love for these fine birds. Though I am determined some day I will have to take a winter break to see the pelicans for myself. I so envy folks that live in more moderate climates and get to enjoy the outdoors all year. It has been a warmer winter (and still no snow here) but it can (& will) disappear fast! Now get back there & put up more of your fab Fl. images so we all can enjoy them ♥

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    1. ahh Mary thank you, I am surpirzed you dont see any, on your trips in the summer, with all the waterways you see?
      and your right it has been a mild winter for us, no snow , but i still dont want to be here:) and i am looking to go back sooner rather than later. thanks for stopping your such a pal. have a wonderful day


    1. Hi Paul, thanks, I needed a change:)!
      As for Kelly’s , well as kool as a place as it looks, I guess its the spot to go to at nite time. We went in and wandered around, and , it was like we were invisible, so.. We left and ate on the water;)
      Thanks for stopping by, have a good rest of the week.


    1. I feel for ya Jay, I hope u get some relief from this Surg. And all that’s going on.
      That’s not a good rest at all :(!
      Thanks for stopping by, more beach coming you way soon 😉


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