Benches…benches….and more benches

Well about a week ago i posted a collection of Fences, today..i thought id share some Benches:),Yes another collection, and i might add a growing group in Flickr, as well as Face book. so let me get started by saying ive been collection these probably as long as fences, now most people who are not into photography will think this is strange, but just like my Fences.. ya just never know what your going to see…… through the eyes of a photographer… so  here we go…

some time ago, the city did a bench theme, there were the koolest benches placed in different areas, i really loved this one

this one is in my hometown

i think someones shoulders must have been hurting, saw this laying on a bench.

this is in Buffalo ,Ny  at a place called Larkinville.  awesome summertime concerts, and fab food

always looking for those quirky benches..i am:)

at the George Eastman House, which is located in Rochester,NY

saw this in a filed of lavender

we were taking a hike,  its so nice that benches are scattered about

in the Adirondacks (NY)  at one of the local “resorts”

sitting on the Erie Canal, love seeing moms esp. taking photos of their babies

this was last summer, can you tell I’m itchy for summer

saw this lady on one of the coldest days we had, shes got a huge camera lens, the body of water shes looking over is lake Ontario, on the other side is Canada…i wonder is she was trying to see if they started to build a wall yet……
well that should do it.. for now:)  think of me the next time your out side and go to sit on something:)

If you stopped by thank you in advance. and i dont mean to get political.. its getting just down right scary  in the USA though!!!!  have a wonderful rest of the week.

14 thoughts on “Benches…benches….and more benches

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  1. Great collection of bench photos, Kathy. Maybe you should take over where Jude left off with the monthly Bench Challenge. I still have quite a few on my desktop. The quirky bench is good to look at but I wouldn’t like to lean back on it. 🙂

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  2. A wonderful array of benches! All so colorful and whimsical. Thank you for this upbeat post, it took my mind off the scariness of our political least for a moment. 🙂

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