olde world Rochester,ny

well this is a terrible time of year, you never know if its going to snow..or turn into a warm spring. the sky around here is usually  a dull grey ..so ive enhanced that part of my tour today. a little history.. about High Falls, and Browns Race

The High Falls are one of three voluminous waterfalls on the Genesee River, that flow through the city of Rochester in New York. The High Falls are located about 2 miles upstream from the lower falls and act as their source. The High Falls area was the site of much of Rochester’s early industrial development, where industry was powered by falling water. Browns race diverts water from above the falls and was used to feed various flour mills and industries, today the water is used to produce hydroelectric power.[1]

The High Falls may be viewed from the Pont De Rennes bridge, a pedestrian bridge that spans the Genesee River a few hundred feet from the base of the falls.[2]

The High Falls was the site of the final jump of “The Yankee Leaper” Sam Patch who died after jumping off of the High Falls in 1829




there have been many attempts to start restaurants and coffee bars, bowling alleys even, but for some reason.. Rochester,NY being so stuffy and conservative..nothing has ever work, thanks to the preservation committee   for saving all these old buildings, and restoring them to their natural beauty. this building now houses most of the radio stations in this city.  Seems that’s all that is sustainable in this Historic area. I’m glad its all being used, but it seems like such a waste.


this funny shaped building used to house a quaint little bar., it over looks the river. and if you continue walking…

you’ll walk  this bridge… its a bit of a hike on a windy day, but ….way over to the left you can see Genesee Brew House,  have a craft beer and something unique to eat.

Genesee Brewing Company is an American brewery located along the Genesee River in Rochester, New York. In 1878 Genesee Brewing Company moved up into Rochester. From 2000 to 2009 the company was known as the High Falls Brewing Company. In 2009 High Falls was acquired by the capital investment firm KPS Capital. Together with also newly acquired Labatt USA, KPS merged the two companies as North American Breweries. Along with this change, High Falls Brewery changed its name back to the original “Genesee Brewing Company” operating under the North American Breweries name. In October 2012, North American Breweries was purchased by Cerveceria Costa Rica S.A.

According to 2012 figures, North American Breweries was the sixth-largest brewing company in America by sales volume.

well thats my little tour for today:),  if you stopped by i hope you enjoyed it, Its one of the Highlights in Rochester,NY..at least where i take my out of town guests:)

and if you did stop by, thank you, and have an awesome day.

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  1. Thanks for the interesting tour, Kathy. I can well imagine what that bridge walk must be like on a windy day. Reminds me of when we walked across London’s Tower Bridge in a howling gale. 😕 Sad news about Sam Patch, but what does one expect for such a foolhardy leap? Love your waterfall picture. 🙂

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    1. Lol Sylvia you crack me up, and ya made my day . It’s a gloomy one to be sure. I’m glad u like my little tour , Rochester doesn’t have too much to offer , soon it’ll be decent enough for me to go to the neighboring City … Lol My Home Town.. Buffalo, ;)! I should be in Florida right now but decided to save some money , since we will be visiting Savannah Ga. In a few months ;( I can’t wait . Thanks again for stopping by

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