As i muddle through the rest of April


so here it is the middle of April, I’ve been in a muck of sorts.. not the best time of year for me.

so ive gone through the archives and dug out some of my favorite flowers,since it will be planting season….in another month. I’m  NO gardener by any stretch of the imagination,but i know what i like, and i love to see pretty gardens,i just dont have the patience  to do it lets begin the journey…..

come on follow me, there’s only a few hills




peek a boo



come on follow me
ok, we’ll take a break



4523564621use_189ecf1960_o_pe_tonemapped_pewell that concludes my tour, it will be Lilac season here soon enough, and that’s the start of everything summer. we have the largest variety of lilacs in the world,something to do with our temps?! I’m told..

so ill be spending most days in the park soon enough. if you stopped by i hope you enjoyed my virtual garden.  have a wonderful rest of the week.

14 thoughts on “As i muddle through the rest of April

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    1. Thanks Fraggy , well I promised Amy , so till the newness wears off I gotta be a good G’mama(). If she finds out I’ve posted a bunch of pics of Lillian I’ll be in very hot water . And when I finally do post .. Just think how happy we will all be ;)))) 😘

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  1. Thank you for share them, I love gardens but I have not time time to do them myself. So a warm greating to the gardeners of your nice photographs. I missed a lot your posts, hoping everything is well there ^-^

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    1. Thanks Francis, I’ve been somewhat busy, I’m now a GrandMother for the first time. So things have been crazy here.
      As I said I’m not a gardener either… But I love to see other peoples 😉 I’m glad you like them. Things are calming down for me, and soon it will be warm here, making things a bit more bearable 😉

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