Historic Cemeteries in my Hometown

while i was able to enter 2 very very old cemeteries. in My little(Erie) canal town. i eventually made into the city to go to our Famous  Historic  Mt.Hope Cemetery. which is still being used today, and sits directly across from the University of Rochester, NY and Strong Memorial Hospital…..the most famous people are…. right there, if your interested. Category:Burials at Mount Hope Cemetery, Rochester

 we have had an extremely great couple of weeks so i took advantage of the great weather and trekked  around town.. the first 2 ,i took my hubby with me, they are old and not really in use, and really hidden..yes im a scary cat.. i watch too much   Criminal minds.
Mt.Hope, is used not only for burials, but many people picnic and jog, and my own daughter learned how to drive there. the landscape is beautiful and hilly. i spent most of my time in the oldest part. so… let me take you on my little journey…in black and white.26561567765maybe_30e42e3954_o
when my English friends came  to visit,they didn’t know who Susan B. Anthony was. and it was then ,i realized i most likely don’t know their famous people either.


I’m assuming every one knows..Bausch and Lomb…. well these are the 2 guys that started it all.


the eternal summer shall not fade



up the cobblestone hill to visit the oldest graves.. from the civil war, Susan is up this was also.
it wasnt till i downloaded these.. i noticed something a bit odd. @Mt.Hope Cemetery

look further into this picture.. see the 3 shadows….. it looks like 3 men digging a grave… not to spook anyone..but there was no one digging any graves while i was there!!!!




25864962683use_a544d9d68c_o_pe - Copy
this shot is from one of the closed cemeteries,  as far back as the 1600’s  im sure there were no trees there then….
this is from the older cemetery as well. very secluded area.

well that will do it for now. if you stopped by, thank you in advance.   my friend Mary Smyth has gotten me on a roll, of doing cemeteries  especially in B&W. next time ill try to have some dates. thanks again for stopping. have a great week end.

17 thoughts on “Historic Cemeteries in my Hometown

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  1. Very cool Kathy and it reminds me of the Sleepy Hollow Cemetary in Tarrytown (Sleepy Hollow). There are so many famous people and captains of industry buried there in addition to Washington Irving 🙂

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  2. OMG Kathy these are fantastic. B&W are just so perfect for them, you chose well. And yes you are a scaredy cat, but I can’t say I blame you especially if the cemetery is large with secluded places ’cause God knows who is lurking about!!!!!!
    I love the grave with the Wildey husband & wife, poet and angel respectively so sweet. Civil war graves are always interesting to view as well. One can never get bored visiting cemeteries with all that history & art. Next time you go to Mt Hope take some pepper spray 😉 Does it work on ghosts & shadows…I wonder.

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    1. Omg, that’s pretty funny Matt, I mean about the X. Glad u liked them, and thanks for stopping by , now go have a cocktail at a local Big Apple Bar 😉 if your still there ;)😘


  3. Nice shots. I feel like I took a little stroll with you! I was just poking around an old cemetery of a church in Manhattan – in the shadows of the world trade centre in fact. Those old graves had seen so much!

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    1. That’s a walk I wish I could have taken with you. I’m all the way at the bottom of the state , probably would be cheaper to go to Ottawa ,And it costs a fortune to go to the big apple. Thanks for strolling along with me;)

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