As i have been haunting old sometimes historic cemeteries ,my Husband suggested i check out another Historic Cemetery across town, this one being a Catholic,  well i was a bit concerned i might turn into ashes walking through there (lol)   many notable Catholics were /are buried there. but it wasnt as pretty as Mt.Hope. too flat for my taste. im hoping this link will take you there.



and then i went across the street to Riverside Cemetery



hopefully this link will take you  there. that was prettier, i thought, well as cemeteries go anyway.

and then i found where the children are buried…











that will pretty much do it for my cemeteries.. looking at these last few did me in.Seeing how well the grave sights are cared for made me feel good, but it was rather upsetting to see so many . so i will end here. please have a wonderful rest of the week and all you Moms, out there have a wonderful Mothers day. thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Very moving images Kathy. I didn’t know cemeteries had areas set aside for children. I would find that very sad too to see so many together like that. The one with the red crosses is spectacular!

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    1. Thanks Mary, Yep every cemetery I’ve been to has a children’s section. Some better than others..of course. But I saved this one for last, becuz it was so ..without a better word.. Moving for me, even more so in color, I think that’s why I did them in mono..
      The first one with the church, that u liked.. Those sections were ..of priests and nuns… And civilians. As well, but it was so strange to those sections..
      I can’t wait to go to Savannah ..even more now.). Thanks again Mary


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