Memorial Week End

what to do with out of town family…. well take them out of town.. so off we went  about 1 1/2 hours from my home to where else, my home town…Buffalo ,NY.  with the temps being in the 90’s i thought for sure there’d be a breeze blowing off of lake Erie. well i was wrong. And most of you know i cant handle crowds.. but i made the best of it.after all, i got to show off the “New Buffalo” its a pretty big week end everywhere, so the fact that there was a carnival , no biggie. But i was on my Lake, and Home. so… here we go

of course there are always music makers around.
plenty of people.
26741861193_465ef69f64_o_pe_Interior 3
ahh some elbow room.
ok, we got things to do….lets get moving.
well this guy saw my camera ,and had to i obliged:)
she made her own space and shade. i couldnt decide if i liked this in color or b&w.
in a very long line waiting for the bike ferry. no we didnt have bikes.
hopefully there will a breeze on the boat.
got a seat in the shade,anyway
we’ll be shoving off shortly
yep thats the gang..of course my husband ..couldnt wave
we wondered around a bird sanctuary  and we found these guys.
and then i saw these, and thought about my buddy Fraggy
well.. not much to do over on the outer harbor, unless you have a back in line.. no shelter from the  blazing sun… good thing its only a 5 min jaunt across the canal/river.


the Naval Park


Buffalo has a light rail,1/2 or more is underground.
i knew if i got them back to the beer tent i could get a shot of my nieces with their boyfriends.

well that does it for my jaunt to my hometown, with family in tow. hopefully things will settle down now. and next time i might even post a pic of the newest addition to our family. Yep you guessed it. we are finally Grandparents . Shes going to be 2 months old already.

if you took time to stop by, i thank you very much. i know ive been a stranger all month.

Have a wonderful rest of the week.

18 thoughts on “Memorial Week End

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  1. I think the worst time to go anywhere like that is on a public holiday, but often it’s the only time that family can get together. Your temperatures sound even higher than ours here in Florida. It all looks very festive and extremely busy, but glad you all enjoyed, and survived the heat and the crowds. Love the colorful deckchair photo. 🙂

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  2. These are all so colourful and pretty, looks like a grand day out. Your nieces are pretty. I am not sure how snails have you thinking of me, maybe cos I’m round and slow :D. Nice to see you posting and back on track. You change blog themes more than I change knickers 😀 😀

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  3. We’ve missed you, but with a new baby around I don’t blame you one bit! Looks like a nice time out – looking for a similar distraction since my inlaws are in town this weekend! Hopefully with a little less heat.

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    1. Oh Jay your a hoot , yep it was my inLaws . I’m sure you’ll find something , and probably not as far as I had to travel . I love going home .. But not with a crowd ;)). And thank you , I missed being on here regularly , I’m back.. Till the next distraction 😖


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