Rochesters’ own Public market

Rochester’s City-run Public Market has served the community at its 280 N. Union Street site since 1905. Bargains and local goodness abound Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, 52 weeks a year. Vendors–over 300 on busiest Saturdays–offer fresh produce, ethnic delicacies, specialty items, general merchandise, and so much more. In addition, an array of independent local businesses–cafes, food stands, coffee shops, florists, specialty food purveyors, breweries, and more–can be found on Market grounds and in the surrounding Market District.
Learn more about the benefits of public markets; Get tips for shopping for fruits and veggies at the Market; See a chart of what’s in season month-to-month in New York State

I Love going to the Public market, i usually go on Thursdays, when its not so crowded, but the veggies are all out, so i try to go Thursdays and Saturdays. i go early and leave when its starting to get  packed.  i get my shopping gout of the way first, pack up the car, and come back to take candid photos..

ok.. lets get rolling…


 well they have their hands full
takin a break
anyone who knows me ..knows i cant resist taking a BUS shot 🙂
has anyone ever cooked with fresh flowers?   i havent i know lots of people do
its starting to get real busy.. ya know what that means….ill be leaving very soon 🙂
but b4 i do.. i love to get snaps of this kid.. ya know he just dont wanna b there
and i believe this is His Dad
every week i see these kids, ya can tell by the look on their faces..usually.. they’d rather b some where else.
trying to explain what it is shes looking for
and last but certainly not least.. the busker….

besides all the fresh foods, i can find, i some times meet up with friends,  for breakfast, as their are many restaurants  here, sometimes a few food trucks too. and there are always buskers …some good some..ok, but its always an adventure.

If you stopped by …Thank You i advance.. and have a fantastic rest of the week.

19 thoughts on “Rochesters’ own Public market

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  1. Fantastic candid camera shots, Kathy. I love the B&W too. It’s really effective. I also feel sorry for those little kids whose hearts and minds are so obviously somewhere else. No, I haven’t cooked with fresh flowers.I prefer them in vases. 🙂

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    1. Lol Sylvia, I prefer them in cases too 😉
      Thank you Sylvia , I love doing street photoging:) I realize these are farm families and that might be what those kids do when they are grown , but going to school all week and then working mist if Saturday, it’s gotta be tough .
      Thanks for stopping , have a great night

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  2. Your black and white is so crisp! I’m loving these, especially the one with the man checking out the art piece made of musical instruments. What a great moment in time.

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  3. Great market photos! Poor kids though, my mom made me go to the flea market to sell her stuff when I was small and that was like once a year and even too much for me! LOL 😛

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  4. You capture a moment beautifully. I wish I had your eye and the talent to back it up. All the photographs you’ve featured are exceptional, but my favourites are the thoughtful children and the Pittsburgh Steelers fan!

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