The Historic Homes of Savannah Georgia

The Charm of the South has always won me over. i think in another life i must have lived there.

i thought id share some historic houses today, i wont go into the history, as i did in my other Savannah blogs. mostly because im too lazy. and it is the charm of these places that really captivates me and without SCAD….Savannah College of Architecture and Design..this would certainly not be possible!

ya all know that old saying ..”keeping up with the Jones”Β  well this street is named Jones. and supposedly that’s where the saying came from. i could never find a day where there wasn’t a lot of cars or people . but this is a residential neighborhood, and its still amazing . the street is all brick.
does any one know the meaning behind the “red door”.. well back in the day.. if your door was painted red, it meant you owned your house,no more mortgage..
this duplex once had a sister living on each side.
i just love this building.
of course i dont remember all the history that goes with this building… and as u might have noticed.. its under construction.Any way… its suppose to be haunted. it looks haunted doesnt it?



we never did get in here. but as you can read was on HGTV.

and if you look carefully at the brick (same in the other photos)Β  see the smudge marks? well these bricksΒ  were hand made by slaves, and those are finger prints.


SCAD saves what ever they can, in this case outside seating was made at a local restaurant, the pillars may be new, but notice how they saved the other building,
i went to a garden party….. i know you all know the words:)

No i didnt go to a GP. but isnt it pretty?!

there are many Historic churches ,in Historic Savannah..yes this is one.
and this is another πŸ™‚
and then it was time for some libation

not really too keen on English food.. but the liqueur is the same πŸ™‚Β Β  and yes it was time for refreshments.. after all my poor hubby was kind enough not to complain all day .

if you stopped by, i hope you enjoyed the tour. i love Savannah. that was my 4th visit, and even though i know i saw the same things, it never bores me.Β  and theres always good fresh seafood:)

so.. have an awesome rest of the week, and thanks again for stopping by.

40 thoughts on “The Historic Homes of Savannah Georgia

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      1. And maybe we just didn’t know how to order? But the drinks went down fine :)))
        Well I sure look forward to that trip , we could stay at a b&b ?:)
        And we still think 2 years and we’ll be over to see u guysπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§, haven’t figured it all out yet

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  1. There’s so much here to like. I love the red gate door – and the trivia behind it. And the sisters’ duplex looks delightful. I could retire there…only trouble is I have 3 sisters!

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      1. USA of course sorry I did read it πŸ™‚ well if you look at the prices of houses where I live Zurich (Switzerland) you’ll have a heart attack πŸ˜‚

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      2. Oh is cold in the winter but summer is pretty hot sometimes too hot !! Well I would mind me an holidays down your way 😁

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      3. well its cold here in the winter, where i live.. im surrounded by the great lakes, and the Canadian border.
        but our other 3 seasons are usually very appealing . we have had a very hot summer so far, we are in the middle of a not complaining though:)
        i go to the south of the USA for my winter months, as often as i can, but i will travel to the south any chance i get πŸ™‚

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      4. So I assume you don’t like snow ?? 😁 I can’t wait to visit the USA one day!! Hopefully next year πŸ™‚ I have family in New Jersey that might be my first stop πŸ™‚

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      5. i grew up in snow… ive never liked it not one little bit, i dont like being cold, im jsut bidding time now , and waiting to leave for warmer climates:)
        i hope u get to go, NJ doesn’t get as cold as where i am, because of the ocean.. im wayyyy down at the bottom of New York State, close to Niagara Falls


    1. I do remember u telling me a little about your experience, I just went over and re-read , and oh your photos are beautiful!!! And I have to tell you we got drawn into Zunzies as well I know I’ve misspelled it:( omg what a joke!!! That was probably the only thing we were disappointed in , so that’s good:).
      Back to your “fright” yes I would have been shaking in my skin:) u know old Savannah is built on a grave yard .. So with that said believer or not… And j believe:). There’s plenty of ghosts there :)))! Thanks Sylvia I enjoyed reading your “old blog, but for what ever reason I could like it or comment there 😦

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      1. Thanks for reading. That blog is closed for comments and likes. We intend to paint our front door red when we get around to painting the exterior of the house. Interesting to read what it means to have a red door. πŸ™‚ Your photos are really gorgeous and I particularly adore the header ‘Gordon Street’ image. It looks like a painting.

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  2. Love that grey brick duplex pic! You’re right, you just can’t get bored in Savannah. We took Bella last December, and stayed at a beautiful old dog friendly hotel on Bay Street. She even got a goodie bag! The walls were brick and the ceilings were so high. It was a bit of a splurge but worth it (since they upgraded our room too, free of charge) We were there on Christmas day, and she was allowed into one of the bars down there on River Street πŸ™‚ What’s not to love about Savannah? Thanks for sharing your trip!

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  3. Great post. These pictures take my breath away. I am one of those weird people who gets blown away by a beautiful old building rather than a tropical island. I live in Europe, and these pictures always bring to me some kind of cinematic sensation, like Gone with the Wind or something.

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      1. London is historically and culturally rich, and an amazing city to visit, but I also always recommend people to visit other towns in the UK because there is a saying that London is not “the UK”, and to capture the true British spirit you have to visit such cities as Cambridge, Oxford, Bath or even Brighton. Some day I would love to visit the US. I will be in awe. My brother was in North Carolina, and since then I am going nuts for all these beautiful houses with verandas. Amazing.

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      2. Lol we have friends who say that very thing, we will be staying with them in Newcastle , and seeing every old castle I can;) and Italy is high on the list , to find out more about my own “roots”.
        When our English friends came here their first time over the pond:) we took them to see Niagara Falls . They were surprised at all the land.
        It sounds like you would really fall in love with the old south, like Savannah. I hope you get your wish πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Thank you! Yes, space is something which is really scarce in the UK. About Italy, I’d really really recommend visiting Florence. It is a truly magical place – medieval to the core. Every street is like a museum, and the surroundings are like paradise. Easily, the best place I ever visited.

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