staying fit……

Well let me start by wishing everyone a happy Autumn, its been rather nice here in Western New York, temps have been in the mid 70’s and mostly sunny. all of our Falls are not this way, so I’m a happy camper at the moment. Makes my drives to and from Buffalo ,NY so much easier.

Things are not going as well as the family would like with my cousin ,so my mind has been preoccupied , and im also trying to stay on top of things ,as i said b4 in my last blog, you must take care of your self, get you flu shot, get your screenings..all of them!!! its so important.


So now that ive taken care of all of that… i have also joined  our community center, for water aerobics  at the Aquatic center. we are so fortunate to have this beautiful building…here, let me show you….

they also have child care, and this is the outside of the little playground for the little people 
this is where the older “community” gathers.  as thy offer field trips, and also serve lunch, and they have card games as well
ok, let me get into my locker room
another part of the center, they have covered everything



yes thats my legs, the current pool is too rough to go with out water shoes.

the current channel
try walking against that current ..its not as easy as it looks or sounds
heres the little guppies, they have classes for all ages and at all levels, i actually got to see this class, they have been coming for a while.
class will be starting soon


and when its all said and done.. about an hour… you can go take a nice hot soak .
they also have free days where parent can bring the kiddies to go swimming. it really is an amazing place..and to have it right in my backyard..
 its all so affordable, i was very surprized.

well that pretty much sums up what ive been doing 2 times a week, trying to keep my mind busy and getting fit at the same time:).

the center along with the town also have a fantastic concert  series, for a few dollars, some times for free.

thanks for stopping by. have a wonderful rest of the week… and HEY…if its time for you to get an annual ..DO IT!!!!!!

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  1. I would love the current channel and the thought of a hot soak during the cold winter months would be my idea of heaven…how to get home without passing though the cold would be a challenge!!!! Fabulous community resource for sure. Will keep your cousin in my prayers ♥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank Susan, yes we are fortunate to live in such a great community. Thank you for the good vibes as well, much needed ❣️ thanks Fit Stopping by Susan , enjoy this wonderful weather we have been having 😘


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