Autumn prevails

We have been so fortunate this year with our weather, here in New York. a fab summer, and so far Fall has been exceptional. so i took advantage the other day ..we were in the mid 70’s and sunny, so come along with me as i stroll through my village and see whats going on.

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 as soon as parked my car (10 min drive)  this is what a saw. in a few more weeks they will drain this part of the canal
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this is on Main Street

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a few people jogging, the path is in excellent condition, most of it paved, you can go for miles, so people also ride their bikes here.
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living on the Erie Canal, is great 3/4 of the year:) its winter thats  nasty.
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 we just had the big scarecrow festival, that will Blog up next time.
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lol..i got caught.   anyway… thats the building you can rent kayaks and bikes, and as you can see people still have their boats out.

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all this walking around made me hungry, so i stopped and had ..what else a pumpkin muffin and a cuppa 🙂
and i must have started a trend, soon after i got in there.. people started showing up:)
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the owner sells all kinds of things,

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well we better head now..

we’ll take the tunnel, so i dont have to cross the busy main street.
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yep, this is my town, i do love it…most of the year:)
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before i leave you i thought id share a shot of my Grand daughter. she just turned 6 months old. and its true what they say…”i use to think i was too old to fall in love again..but then i became a Gramma.

if you stopped by, i hope you enjoyed walking with me, sorry i didnt share my muffin with you:). have a wonderful week end.

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  1. JUst beautiful, but none more so than your precious granddaughter.
    Everyone keeps saying we’re in for a rough\long winter, but I’m hoping we continue our streak of nice seasons and get treated to something short and sweet 😉

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