The Trees the leaves…oh the loveliness

We have had an exceptional Autumn.  i cant complain at all, of course that has all changed , this past week Father Winter has been tapping at our door. the wind and the rain,and the cold temps are here to stay…at least for the next well 6 months.         So i took advantage,when i could and got out there. so here we go….

this was in Our Historic Cemetery.





moving on
most of you know i collect benches:)





i just liked the orange reflection .
went over to the local farmers market, i loved that i found this with the vine still attached
see the “goose” squash 🙂


no one can take just 1 pumpkin home:)



 this market has animals for the children to feed and pet…  well these guys were really on the hunt for  handouts. i was lucky that day, the bus loads  hadn’t arrived yet.



well my feet were getting cold…and wet. so i decided to call it a day

21 thoughts on “The Trees the leaves…oh the loveliness

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      1. Lol, just trying to b a wise guy…. like u do to me sometimes, well I put up so many photos this time, I thought I’d use it in another blog:) so stay tuned:))) . I’m glad you like that photo Fraggy. 😘

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  1. What glorious images Kathy and oh my, the first one is truly spectacular. Mind you your words were rather harsh…bite your tongue even thinking we have six months of crappy weather to endure!!!!!! I don’t think I can make it. Ok, I will go back through your lovely work to get rid of the nasty images you invoked with your words. I do adore those sweet llamas.

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    1. Oh Mary, I’m laughing , you know it’s true. That’s why I’m going to fl for the worst of it:)! Thanks for your kind words. You and Fraggy are the best. I don’t know what I’d do with out your inspiration and your friendship . Thank you.!!!❣️


    1. Thank you Suvi, for what ever reason WP is having hiccups:) I never saw this in my notifications, but it showed up as in my e.mail. So I’ve been frantically searching :))) I do appreciate you comments, and again thank you for stopping and looking, and of course like
      Ing;)). Yes we do enjoy our Halloween in these parts

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      1. It’s been dull and damp for the last few days here, the clocks went back last night as well so it’s dark an hour earlier.
        At least your photographs brightened up the day, I especially like the one with the water feature!

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      2. Awe thanks Paul, we had very similar weather, I forced myself to get out in between the nasty stuff:). We haven’t turned ours back yet.. soon though, and it’s pitch black already . Fall back ., spring ahead . Did u k ow not everyone does that.
        Anway we are having Indian summer this week, so stay tuned 🙂
        Thanks again Paul


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