well winter has arrived,and its been a strange one indeed, all over the county. highs and lows, snow and rain.

our first substantial  snow fall.. almost 2 feet.. im lucky all i have to do is step out my door after a snow fall and get this shot. im not a fan of snow or cold. i really dont belong in western new York.



even the birds dont want to be in their little house.

so when im really cold.. i go to our local conservatory to get warmed upimg_6014

here we go im getting toasty now

every year they make a Hugh poinsettia  tree. at nite its all lite up. i have yet to make it at nite
lots of photos are taken here, weddings, x.mas cards.. its just a facade.in the Green house


can you see me:)
i had gone to a craft fair in the downtown area,  and i got so use to using one camera, i forgot how to work the settings on the camera i brought with me this particular day, and inadvertently lost just about every photo i had… i just wanted to squeeze those cheeks . she was waiting in line to ride the sleigh with Santa. Mom had given her a cookie, to keep her mind occupied. the line was incredibly long .
this guy was looking for a new home
all kinds of kool things at this table



tiny house that lighted up for sale
center pieces of course
no one was going home empty handed
on my way home i saw these characters. 
now who doesn’t like to find an angel around them. well thats it for me.

ill close with my Angel. and just say Happy Holidays, how ever you celebrate in dec.  and hope that its a peaceful one. and you remember to share a kind act.

see you all in the new Year.  and if you did stop by, thank you.

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  1. OMG Kathy that final image of the angel absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. Now on to shopping… the muffin tin snowman would be hard to resist! Love the great mix of images and having a nice wonder along with you ♥

    Liked by 1 person

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