Happy New Year #2 of my Bench Series

well its been a few weeks since ive been here. alot has happened,some good some bad, im sure you all have a similar story:)Happy New Year, lets hope and pray this is a better year

its been a while since i shared my BENCHES so ..i thought, this would be a good time since the weather doesn’t know what it wants to do.and in a few short weeks ill be in sunny Florida, with lots of things to do and shoot:)

in my family if you dont cook an Italian meal..you better find a restaurant that does
every one goes ice skating downtown..i went early one day to avoid the crowd. poor kid, he was just learning..
hard to remember..but this series in#2 of my bench collection,( and yes there were benches in the other shots:) this is in front of the School of the Arts….. better known around here as SOTA
at the local dog park,i didnt like the way it looked so i had to art it up ๐Ÿ™‚
at the George Eastman House.. in one of the many gardens. not some thing i usually do in the winter, in the summer u can see all the grapes hanging.
sure you can sit if you want to…..
ill wait till spring..how bout you ?:) this is right by the lake, a few photos down you’ll see all of this from the top
looks like the photo was cut huh?:) nope!!! ย not to worry that snow has long gone
yes.. it was cold
it was a beautiful day.. it really was… and most of that has melted away as well… for now, im sure it will all be back !! and i hope to be basking in Florida’s sunshine when it happens:)
probably my favorite spot, any season, for photos . and yes the pic above is now down below:) on all the white stuff. the other side of that lake is Ontario, Canada. we dont have a ferry any more, so its about a 3 hour drive to the closest ย border.
well we r back in the city and as u can see .no snow, and this particulate day.. we were blessed with some sun.

so that will do it for now….. I hope you all had good holidays, I’ve tried to catch up with a few of you. my next post will most likely be from sunny Florida… ย take care

and if you stopped by thank you

12 thoughts on “Happy New Year #2 of my Bench Series

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  1. Oh my Kathy you know whether benches or chairs I love this post. They are all beautiful. I really love the last one with the bright sunshiny colours. Wonderful first post for the start of the new year.

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    1. Thanks Mary, yep you and me… can you imagine .. chasing everything seatable ๐Ÿ™‚ the city has these seats /benches all over the city, one day I’ll get the whole collection ;). Thanks again Mary u were my inspiration


    1. Hahaha thank you Maggie, yes I’ve had it with these northern winters , so for now I go down a few times in the winter , to escape ;), I’ll bottle up some sunshine and open it in one of my blogs.. very soon:) thanks for stopping by

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