The bikes of Tarpon Springs,Florida

AS we walked to catch a boat ride there were these fancy bikes all along the man in road ย in the Greek village

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      1. Aww Fraggy I’m so sorry your still under the weather. And poor Fergo.. lol, kidding. Really hoping you are taking care of yourself , and healing !!!
        Thank you again . And the weather has been so awesome here . Did FaceTime withDave last nite , getting a bit homesick for Him and my Felines . Otherwise… I’m loving life here .

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  1. I don’t like biking at all. I’ve always been afraid of it and I have never done it ever since I was old enough that my parents could no longer make me. But I really can’t believe how much I like what these folks have done with these bikes. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thanks Matt, I must admit ..honestly traffic frightens me ..hills frighten me… I don’t ride any more, but yeah, I think the artists did a bang up job( no pun intended lol) On these bikes. Thanks for stopping by


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