home again home again..jiggity jig

well it was a fast 2 weeks,but im glad to be home, tons of memories good eats probably too much to drink:0 but hey i was on vacation.

Anyway.. im starting my trip in a unuasul manner…somewhere in the middle

went on a speed boat to see dolphins.. ill share that another day
this is more my speed:) maybe next time…


no explaination needed:)


and after that hairraising expierence  i needed a cocktail and some food… at a place called Frenchys… this was my view.. could have sat there all day.
another view:)


sometimes i think i only come to Florida to see the pelicans:)
they just amaze me
then the heron flew in, like he knew it was a photo opp:)


well time to move onto another Bar 🙂 in another section of the gulf of Florida…

this is Tarpon Turtle, the only bad day we had, still made the best of it, and .. they had the best Gator tail I ever had.

If you stopped by, thank you in advance, and have an awesome week end.



21 thoughts on “home again home again..jiggity jig

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  1. If you can’t overindulge on vacation, when can you?

    And I am SO with you on the pelicans. They fascinate me – I refer to them as tanks of the sky. When you drive the Overseas Highway and see them in formation just cruising along next to the bridge, it’s like you’ve found some incredible, unbelievable dream world. I could watch them all day doing that, and I may not even enjoy that as much as watching them eat fish tossed by fishermen!

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    1. Lol Sarah They are something for sure, amazing creatures!! I too could watch all day, esp. when they seethe fish men coming in.. I was lucky this holiday I got my pick of the pelicans and got to see over 200 manatees. Thanks for stopping by

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  2. thank you Francis. actually that body of water is the Gulf of Mexico, still salty water though:) the colors were amazing. I was very lucky to have been there with all that good weather. at that exact time last year it only reached the 60’s and it was very windy.


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