The warmest day on record in Rochester,NY

Here’s a link of my little tour today. I went to meet my Brother in law with the purpose of going to the Zoo, forgetting it was Feb. break, and all the schools  are out for the week. Well .. the Zoo was so crowded, I had to think fast, since my poor BiL came from Buffalo,NY to spend the day photographing with me.

I knew He’d love the Historic  High Falls area, so we headed off in that direction.. and this is what I saw. Beside all the Historic building we also boast to have the oldest working brewery . And way back when Rochester was called the “FLOUR” city,  all the rock formations you’ll see are  where all the grains were brought to be milled and shipped out. All located on The Mighty Genesee River

Since getting windows 10 I can’t do anything on my PC, so I’m working on my IPad.

If you stopped by thank you in advance, I know I’ve been a stranger most of this month. February has never been a good month for me, I just hibernate away, but out temps have been in the 60’s which is very unusual . So at least for now:) I’m out of hibernation, and I think the worst of winter has past:) yes I’m optimistic.


inside the Brewery

a look of the city neighborhood from the west

the bridge over the falls carries trains,usualy im lucky enough to catch one.. not today though

lots of walking to do..i reached my 10,000 steps

some kids will do just a bout anything on a dare.

 the KODAK tower


30 thoughts on “The warmest day on record in Rochester,NY

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  1. Great stuff indeed! I just love those old buildings with the wonderful stonework and brick work and your fantastic shots of the falls. Today it was over 70 degrees, just incredible. Keeping my fingers crossed that we won’t be seeing anymore white stuff.

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    1. Hahahaha Sarah, I’m happy to report I am out of hibernation. The days are longer, and we have had sun:)! But next winter I’ll remind you ..encase . You’d like to start your own hibernation/)))
      Thanks for stopping by

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