Hibernation and New Beginnings

While some of you know I despise winter, I always have! Even as a child. being cold and wet.. Not my cuppa!!!!  now I know and I have heard it most of my life..well if you don’t like it move.. if only life were that simple. one day I will move, and enjoy every day out side, but until then..  it is what it is 🙂   March has been especially bad at least for Western New York. in the middle of the month we had a wind storm.. upwards of 85 mi. an hour winds.. that knocked out power. some were without a power source for longer than a week. we were fortunate.. only 2 days. we spent our days in the local grocery store ,powering up, and we are lucky to have such a fine store,(WEGMANS) that accomodated everyone who came in to get warm or have a cuppa.,came home and slept with the 2 felines.  the temp in the house got down to 42. and then the following week we had a bad snow storm, again everything was shut down..no work ,no school!!!!  so as you can imagine..im glad to say good riddens’ to March!!! and i owe a big Thank you to my good friend Fraggy, for waking me:))  we do a diptych at the end of the month and this  time it was about spring and new beginnings.


. yester day the sun was out, and you could almost feel spring.. so I went to the local conservatory, to feel spring even more. and this is what I saw

can’t go wrong with those little chickadees








if you have taken time to look at these flowers I thank you in advance. for the peeps I try to follow, I am currently trying to catch up to you all. and I thank you kindly for stopping by.

HAPPY SPRING.. to new beginnings

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