Spring Has Sprung


well I know its been awhile since I posted, I guess one could say I’m a once a month(er) around here. I try honestly I do, but I’m still having issues with the new pc. and windows I get frustrated and leave . windows and WP don’t like each other ..I guess.

any way, I do keep tabs on a few folks here on my ipad.

and..April was a busy month for us.. let me show you



my beautiful and only Granddaughter  had her first birthday. she just tickles my heart:)!
 and a few weeks later was m Husbands birthday, since we R empty nesters I spoil Him.. we celebrated for a week
1st thing we did, was go to a play of sorts..called  Summer Of Love.  it was set to Ballet and all 60’s music , with the period clothing.  we actually loved it.

moving on..



34120944925_1e9b004645_o (1)_pe
since I have 2 cats and no sitter for them.. we take a lot of short trips.. so off to the mountains we went. so very very peaceful, not many peeps travel to this region in April:) still snow in a lot of areas. and lets not for get the mud!!!
hers a just a few shots from the Adirondack Mnts.


and back home its almost lilac season, and that means festival time. and if you know me.. you know I avoid crowds, so this is my go to spot.. till the festival begins:)


perfect time to see families enjoying  the park


Poets Garden, I love to come here, and just breath!








well that about does it. it was a busy month. and of course my issue with windows, is never going away. I think ill have to blog from my ipad. for the summer:)

have an enjoyable rest of the week, if you stopped by,and if you did thank you :)!!!!


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