The dinner cruise to end all 

Well we splurged this year for July 4th , as soon as I knew it wasn’t going to rain, because we have seen our share this summer, nothing but rain and colder than usual summer. Anyway, the reason we took this kind of expensive dinner cruise, was to see the fire works in downtown Rochester,NY.  The tickets were 100.00 dollars apiece.  The cruise itself, was about 5 hours , we Are Not  nite people , and we felt it the next few days. The   Cruise started at 7pm and we didn’t return till 12:30 am. A very long trip.

the reserved line, gets on first
the music man is in the colorful shirt
have to have at least one cocktail.. and for $8.00  a drink , its all we  really wanted any way 🙂
before dinner treats.
as we left port, we are reminded how many low bridges we must  stay low for, and there were many!! i stayed below, till we got to the fireworks

we had to go through 2 locks  before leaving the canal, and entering the Genesee River, to head Downtown.

people love to watch the boats go through the lock system


some views of the locks at work, and a few of the bridges we had to go under


dinner was BBQ’d chicken, and spareribs, salt potatoes, salad, and rolls, and coffee or water.
the Captain, and as you can see she’s got a jacket it on
soo many people, if you’re gonna see fireworks, yep taking the boat was a grand idea, no crowds, no traffic 🙂
getting very close now.. just have to sit and wait
the city of Rochester,New York
the reason is perfectly clear now:)



well the ride home was cold and uneventful, except for some crazy people who were out in their little motor boats, trying to pass  the big boat,  so they could all get in the locks b4 us.

i enjoyed myself tremendously , but this was a 1 and done as they say 🙂

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    1. was on my way yesterday, but weather was so bad Mom, and dawn told me to stay home.. so I did 🙂 thanks for the comment Mary, much appreciated. I will letyou know next time I’m spending the nite for sure!


  1. I didn’t know you were a blogger. I have a blog but I havent touched it in about two years. It was all about Lacey, and Lacey is now in heaven. I’ll have to see if I can find it. I wonder if they delete the inactive ones.

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