Black and White People


well here it is the end of the month and Fraggy and I do our little photo exchange thingy, this time it was B&W anything. My Brother-in-law came to town, so I figured I show him something’s that have changed since he’s been gone.. and I kept with the theme of B&W.


this is Ontario State Park.

we use to have a beach, a natural shoreline beach.. well Lake Ontario pretty much destroyed that this year. the floods were crazy bad, if you live along the lake


something about this photo I really love. this is the terminal building where the fast ferry use to be.. now we have restaurants by the water’s edge , which is pretty nice..if you can find a nice day


a newer establishment, along the river’s edge, I liked the old buildings



I’ve talked about the Public Market before, there was major work done over a long period, but it’s finally done and its really something to be proud of so this was my next stop with my brother-in-law


people come just for the cheap eats, and get together with their friends. it really is a great place to meet up.


cant you just hear this little boy begging mommy for a doughnut:)


gotta get some coffee



and theres always lots of music


every one is generally happy at the Market


and this guy was in such a hurry to get to the market, I don’t think he looked in a mirror:)


whatya need,we got it


can’t go home with out some kettle corn..can ya?


and how bout some organic foods… they got it all


and.. well it doesn’t matter where ya go any more, there’s always someone a bit down on their luck, this guy was going through the garbage looking for bottles and cans. in sure the cops will be behind him shortly.. at least to cover up:)


one of the last nites we say my Husbands Brother we took him to College town, and went to the beer garden. thank god there was liquor..I don’t do beer:) and I was able to get some really nice photos as well


and this guy just wanted to eat by the water





well thats my little city, Brother in law went back to kansas, and its been raining ever since.


Can you believe its the end of July already? I sure cant. the weather has been crazy. if you stopped by, thank you. have a great week-end.


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  1. Extremely well selected photo shoots. I like the terminal one as well—maybe it is the static nature of the posts and terminal building against the ominous moving dark clouds as if all is still and the weather is the only moving part—the black and white technique enhances that contrast. Black and white can be so much more artsy given the right subject matter. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Thank you very much Nancy, I love seeing other people’s work in B&W, I believe I’m still a work in progress when it comes to B&W 🙂 I appreciate your words!! Most generous!!


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