shaking off the hibernation.. well its time to wake up and smell the earth. even though I’ve made it to warmer climate a few times over winter… I guess coming back to WNY, always puts me back in that funk. but.. the good news is, we have had sun for a few days now, and much warmer weather. and I’m going through all the photos I’ve taken, while I’ve been absent.

I’m going to start with the latter of all my events, while its all fresh in my mind, and let the rest of the puzzle fall where it may.

So my Niece  got married recently , and  Her Husband live in Atlanta, so off we went to the Big city of HotLanta.     a 2 hour flight from our home


we stayed at Emory conference center,  it was amazing. sprawling  acres of wilderness so close to the city.

IMG_5506 (Edited)_pe
 a view from our room. I’d only been to Atlanta once b4 and it was years ago. I don’t remember so many hills.. needless to say most days I got my 10,000  steps.


on one of our many walks .. we were right around the corner from the CDC. this is the best photo I could get.  a very impressive building ..wish I could have gotten it all.


back in our room, it was cocktail  hour. my husbands family was all in the same hotel … so cocktails In our room .. then a rest for me:)


lucky for us this was just up the hill from where we were. many trips were had:)


this is where I sat when it was nice outside:),  also on the grounds of Emory


here we ae in a Mexican restaurant , called Tin Lizzy’s. 


the best guacamole Ive ever eaten!!!!!

and that was our free day, the next day was the rehearsal …dinner everything BBQ southern style40370075361_2915afb76a_o_pe








well I think ill be back to show off the wedding:) we had an exceptionally good time,  and. I danced the nite away.


till next time, thinks if you stopped by, I’m trying to catch up with Ya’ll .

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