A trip out West

So ,ive been gone from WP for almost a year. just busy i guess. between funerals, weddings and vacations.  so i thought id post about the most amazing adventure we took over the end summer.

we first took a jet  from New York City,  yep that’s the 911 memorial down below


next stop…. San Francisco  we only had 36 hours to catch a few glimpses of the wonders…


had to go to fisherman’s wharf. spent the day there, since we Ubered every where.


ive always wanted to see Alcatraz. ever since i was a little girl, all the movies with this big rock .. i wasnt leaving till i saw it. we didn’t have time for a whole tour, so we did the next best thing.. took  a boat ride, went under to 2 famous bridges, and circled around “The Rock” it  was an amazing, if i ever get back there, i will find time to do the whole tour.


i learned so much, it was like a little city, i wasnt aware, when the prison was open, everyone stayed on this big rock. families of the guards included. they had their own farm, a store, a church.. you name it.


we also saw a Great White Whale, while on the boat. every one has seen the clouds that cover the bay bridges, so i wont go there 🙂

so the next day we caught a bus that took us to the train station.and there we caught the Zephyr. a train line that goes from Chicago  to San Fan.  we thought it’d b more fun to go from San Fran. to Col. where our Daughter lives.


it was pretty amazing28599354077_a590768689_o28129_pe

the seats were pretty comfy for the most part. the food wasnt bad, and the scenery was unbelievable. although … it was a very long trip.. to Colorado, 2 long nites. we thought we’d be fine WITHOUT a sleeper, well live and learn is all we can say 🙂


a view from my seat. the cars ahead are the sleepers (in the first photo) the train was so long, and there were so many curves, and steep hill and mnts. sometime we were going 5 mi. an hour.42834882414_f71aa3aa08_o28129_pe

im going to leave you with this….41625696930_dfb6135612_o28129

and tell you, the first nite, we were stuck in the desert, for what seemed to be forever, and dusk was setting in, and i swear it seemed as thought the tumble weeds were growing. ….. to be continued.

if you happened to stop by thank you, in advance.

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