The end of February

So it would appear that March is going to come in roaring like a lion. We received 6 inches of fresh snow over nite , and the temp is not all that great… 20 degrees ( -6 in Celsius) this weekend will b a tad warmer …in the 30’s but we r getting more snow 😱🤬 we do have sunshine though.

Well that’s about sums up my feelings on winter. Just trying to keep busy and stay warm

Where I go to be healed

So , I went to the Acupuncturist on Saturday, after suffering for almost a week, from a wrenched back. Doing everything I was suppose to do. Still no relief. She fixed me up pretty darn good, but .. I needed a 2 Nd treatment. That was today, she’s the best, she takes care of national League Football team , when they are in season. Has helped so many woman conceive, I could go on and on.

Anyway… I started going to her when I got vertigo , she fixed me right up. That was 8 years ago. I go to her with most things Dr’s. Want to give you pills for. I can’t say enough good things about this woman. Of course I understand , Acupuncture is not for everyone, but I suggest every one try it. well it’s almost time for me to go in and get all needled up I just wanted to send along good thoughts , be happy, be healthy, and have a wonderful week

Went to visit the turtles

I’ve been laid up for just about a week now. Saw the acupuncturist today and she fixed me up pretty good, I’ll know better tomorrow. But.. anyway, before I landed myself in this predicament , I went to our little conservatory, Forgetting not only was it Sunday but also the beginning of feb. recess :(!!! It was very crowded but I managed to get a few shots off .

It was nice to see a mom taking Her son out shooting

And then there r the Quails under foot , nervous little things , they are. With signs every where to b careful where u step..

And a mascot to end all mascots:). Yeah she lives there too.

But u cant help but stop by and see these crazy turtles , I’m told they are always “doing it”

A different type of turtle. He’s generally on land .

Well I found one room with no one in it . But it was time for me to go.

As it was getting way to crowded for me.

So off I went following the brick road.:)

Have a wonderful week end everyone

Out West….Part 4

Well our time in San Francisco was short-lived, as we intended , it was time to get to the train station.42777000314_a05d182bf7_o

We arrived a few hours early and were lucky enough to get on an earlier train.

We were surprised, we didn’t have to show our passports, or even our tickets, b4 we boarded. No proof of who we were at all.

So… 28589753937_d54984c1a2_o we all got comfy and then some one came to look at tickets, but never Asked for any other proof. Anyway…..

There were times the trains were so close I had to get away from the window, just one of my phobias :).

So the trip was really on.

some very interesting turns


a small town we went through.

yep… this close

it was a while b4 we actually got out of California.

One of our very first stops was a town my husbands’ cousin lives in

waving to carol
Davis California.

We were only there about 5 min. .41668410410_057eafbccb_o-1.jpg. And off we went. Going at a pretty decent speed.

coal.coal and more coal

. And it was some time before the train stopped again.

41744584240_136ca0a31c_o (1)_pe
a view from the viewing car.

a view from our seats.

28599354077_a590768689_o (1)_pe
this is the sight-seeing car, we did meet many nice people.

well that will do it for today.   up next is all the mnts. and a River. and a few more towns,

Dinner in the Village

I don’t care for crowds, so Hubby and I waited till the week end to go for Valentines Day Dinner. And as we don’t eat red meat all to often, we decided to try the steak house near out home, on the Erie Canal. I had it all planned, with a window seat, and a cocktail. And my steak. Well thank god for a view and a good vodka. And I’ll leave it at that.

The Hunt

As I wait like most people stuck in the grasp of cold and snow that Mr. Winter brings with His howling winds , I find myself being soothed by the local conservatory ,

And that’s where you’ll find me for the rest of February. Embracing color and wonderful fragrances.

Well it’s back to the car wash…

The salt on the roads will eat her alive. We decided to try leasing . Hard to believe she’ll b 1 year old in 3 months . Where does the time go ?! This post is mostly for my friend Fraggy…. CJ. For the first time in my life I have heated seats , what a pleasure it is to get into her on a frigid day. And lots of bells and whistles, I really don’t care to learn:) but she must b clean in the winter months .. or the salt will grab ahold of her!!!

Out West …Part 3

43658171901_afb4167dcf_o (1)_pe

in Part 2, i explained how we stayed at this Bed and Breakfast all i can say is, next time ill do al of my own planning.  we used our auto club for all of this, ony because i was nervous about screwing something up.ive never been out west, and we were taking more modes of transportation than i was accustomed to taking care of.. planes, trains, auto:) and that was just to get to our final destination…. to see our beautiful Grand Daughter…cross country 🙂

42942011064_2ef07c923a_o (1)_pe

so anyway, this was on the 3rd floor. and it was an extra room off of our bedroom, I was thankful for it, because i don’t sleep well, so it was my little hide away in the middle of the nite, and id play words with friends:)


a very elegant building , everything you would expect in Francisco. and of course it was on a hill. the history is deep. with this building, and it was one of the original  Historic painted Ladies..   42684399104_13fe254ac2_o (1)_pe

the best part of this was meeting some of the people we ate breakfast with this is an Author, of self-help books,from Texas . she came to help get her Grand Daughter situated in the big City . and then there was wine and cheese offered every evening.42755386025_aa7e243ab1_o (1)_pe

43611760542_4da798bdd4_o (1)_pe

the kitchen. and as you can clearly see, theres a micro wave and a te kettle.but no where coud i find tea bags. oh well 😦        I fell in love with al of the stained glass.


as grand as it looks , I could not even get a cuppa when i wanted, there was only some one there in the morning to serve the breakfast (which was a cold breakfast) and then again at 6 pm to put our the wine and cheese. and… that was it!!!  and, this place was not centrally located, i could not just run out the door, and get a coffee or tea. but it was for 2 nites, and i survived 🙂 if anyone looks this place up, a lot of the reviews are fantastic.. I’m not exactly sure why. im not a snob, when it comes to staying at places. but i can tell you if i ever make it back to San Francisco again, ill do all of my own booking.

if you stopped by thanks in advance.



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