Where I go to be healed

So , I went to the Acupuncturist on Saturday, after suffering for almost a week, from a wrenched back. Doing everything I was suppose to do. Still no relief. She fixed me up pretty darn good, but .. I needed a 2 Nd treatment. That was today, she’s the best, she takes care of national League Football team , when they are in season. Has helped so many woman conceive, I could go on and on.

Anyway… I started going to her when I got vertigo , she fixed me right up. That was 8 years ago. I go to her with most things Dr’s. Want to give you pills for. I can’t say enough good things about this woman. Of course I understand , Acupuncture is not for everyone, but I suggest every one try it. well it’s almost time for me to go in and get all needled up I just wanted to send along good thoughts , be happy, be healthy, and have a wonderful week

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    1. Thanks Fraggy, yep I thought about u the whole time I was there,you’d enjoy shooting in there 😉 light and shadows, , with babbling brook sounds and birds noises . I never have enough nerve to ask Her to take a photo of me all needled up 🙂 maybe some day :)!

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  1. I have never been either Kathy. If I ever get trigger finger again, I will try it before surgery. The one & only time I had trigger finger the whole experience was unpleasant! Definitely willing to try an alternative first. I am glad you are feeling better.

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    1. Thanks Mary, my Husband thinks it’s all hoky. But he says if it helps me… go for it .
      She has helped so much, but Mary u must do your home work , they are not all the same.
      And I feel so much better.. and.. drug free as well :)!!! Niw I gave go find out what trigger finger is ;)?!


  2. Hope your back is soon better, Kathy. I resorted to acupuncture many years ago when I had a frozen shoulder. I’d tried everything else but nothing worked. It did eventually get better but hubby said that this would have happened when the shoulder was ready and had nothing to do with the acupuncture. He’s very skeptical about such things. 😅

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    1. Oh Sylvia , I think our men would get along famously;) the only thing that helped convince Dave , was his partner , another detective , told him one day that acupuncture was the only thing that relieved the stress of their job! But He really still doesn’t get it . Lol oh well I’m so glad it helped you Sylvia. I cant imagine my life w/o my acupuncturist!;)
      Thanks for stopping by .

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