hipsta week…1

I think im on a roll now.. everything is in order, and im all up to date, so my first full week of doing a 365 in hipsta, was great. each friday  it’s a new challenge. this week was shadows. and it worked out great, as we had sunshine almost everyday. the challenge starts every friday evening. 40491379313_811ff96347_o

so this was shot in my living room using #Hipsta . salvador 84|arjun BW|Juicy Orange Jel.



the next day was too cold for me to venture out, so .. looking in my backyard.. for shadows, was pretty easy.  I used Victoria|Blackkeys Supergrain


and on sunday , yep that’s right you see snow.  we went to the Big cemetary. I used Stavros+love 81+standard


well I thought id play a little…. i used Joey for the lens| and my Film was Whoa.


it was pretty kool playing around so.. i got this with using Lens Salvador 84| Arian BW| Juicy Orange Gel


went for a walk in the village the other day it was so nice, and b4 i knew it i had walked 5 mi. i got this with  Emma for the lens| and film was Big Easy


last but certainly not least…. Lowy for my lens| Blanko BL 4 for my film.

I had so much fun looking for shadows.


I cant wait to see what the challenge is tonight. i will b posting my Hipsta work on Fridays., for that whole week. if you stopped by, thanks in advance. Have a great week-end.

Happy Window Wednesday

It was so nice today I walked the Erie Canal in my village. 5 miles , summer must b on the way πŸ˜‰ I took a lot of photos on my little walk. This building was a mechanics shop , I guess it’s closed up now . As u can see we had a very sunny day . Still had to wear a winter jacket , old man winter is still blowing his wind this way . No complaints !!! We had SUNSHINE:)

Happy Bench Monday

Omg trying to prepare for every day of 365 is still is bit of work for me πŸ™‚ how ever… I am always prepared for my Bench day

Beach living… these people who live along the Great Lakes must have the thickest blood around , people are already pulling out their deck furniture and temps are 10 to 15 degrees below the norm. We have had plenty of sun but the temps remain in the 30’s.

Too cold for me to be sitting in the sand.. how ’bout you :)?! Happy Bench Monday

Hipsta …

So I’ve started my journey of 365, a bit late, but, better late than not at all…

I think what I’ll do is post once a week, everything I’ve done for 7 daysStill playing with settings nothing too fancy

About last nite……

We had a worm moon. I was lucky enough to get a glimpse

b4 the clouds moved in. This is off of my kitchen. , and yep, my 2 Nd day of hipsta.

Using salvador84 and shilshole+ pop rox.

B4 I dressed it up:) , I like both of them.


I have a thing for benches , I’ve been collecting them oh at least for 10 years . This past Sunday we went and sat by the River , to windy to actually sit on the bench but we enjoyed seeing the gulls .

And the tiny sail boats , I’ve never had the desire to b on the water when it’s still winter , up north πŸ™‚ but I’ll watch ;)!

Well .. it’s St.Paddys weekend

I’m not much of a drinker since I’ve gotten older , it’s just to hard to feel better πŸ™‚ ! I did go and have a beer or 2 with Hubby though

And this is an awesome(lov’n cup) place on a campus of a college, had a beer

Something to munch on and moved along

Closer t home

Always good t see theses folks at Triphammer. A small brewery in my town. they have great popcorn to go with their weekly mixes of brews:)

I’m not much of a beer drinker, even though I love a good German beer. Any way …

Happy St. Paddy’s Day to Ya’ll

Part 5…out west

I’m not sure if i ever said the real reason we went out WEST…. well it was to visit with our Grand Daughter. Colorado is  great distance form New York air travel is about 1,670 miles. a pretty good distance, so we tried to make the best of our time.43443555642_7eb934caff_c

she’ll be three next month. so while she was in day care. we did some traveling around .

43443558442_7b64ae35cc_ogetmade (1)_pe

this is Breckenridge,Colorado. which sits at 9600 ft. and the summit of the ski resort is upwards of 13,ooo which is upwards of 2 miles above sea level., and yes i did feel like i was sea sick. it didnt matter how much water i drank. i felt so bad i didnt ever have a cocktail.

29800128688_dbfb949533_o (1)_pe

41862228220_3ce7d03a5b_o (1)_pe

it was so pretty and so many things to do there.


its only been a ski resort since 1961. they have kept a lot of the charm,by keeping alot of the historic buildings. before all of the skiers took hold, of course it was a place for prospectors

28604602547_a21e2cdb8f_o (1)_pe

43491378311_e21706e967_o (1)

many trails off the main roads, and places to just unwind.

42953995134_15b1db5299_o (1)_pe


and then when you think your feeling better .because of the altitude , you try a Little shopping  but soon realize you ned to find some shade and rest again πŸ™‚ remember this was after all in July and the temps reached over 100 degrees:)

well, that about does it for me.  if you came along for my little journey, thank you:)

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