Foodie Time

I have one very good friend , who like me, will try any kind of food at least once.

So last week end we dragged our husbands, who by the way have known each other since childhood, anyway, off we went , they live at one end of county, us at the other , so we always try to meet in the middle, that means going into the city.

Well, they don’t have a parking lot, so that was the 1st. Draw back , the week end in the city, even our small city, parking is very limited.

Anyway…. this type of restaurant , they are popping up all over, with a shareable menu. No big fat laden meals. First off ,of course was to get our cocktails

next perusing the menu,sooooo many good things to choose from. And what’s nice about these shareables is there is always enough for everyone to be happy and comfortably full. so first off, we started with …baked ricotta in a spiced tomato sauce, along with grilled “French bread. It was mouth watering deeeeelish. So good in fact we wondered if we could use our spoons to finish off the sauce…. but we thought better of it🤔😊 these were some sort of peppers, called 1 in 10 meaning there was 1 out of the bunch that was going to b super HOT, well I don’t handle heat well. So I left these to the other 3.then there were these meatballs, called… Polpette… I should have cut one open and taken a shot… they are stuffed with mozzarella cheese. I tasted the one my husband had, perfectly seasoned and cooked.and then there were these …. carnitas …. I don’t think any of us were all to happy with these , for one reason of another. The fruit that is used is called Jackfruit, it’s slow braised with oranges and chili, and served in warm corn tortillas with salsa Rojas, cabbage, grilled pineapple chili. Some one didn’t like the tortilla , I dint like the combo. Of fruits , it was a bit on the bitter side , I thought.

and last but not least…. Chipotle BBQ Duck Nachos, BBQ pulled confit dressed in goat cheese,cheddar and an apple blueberry salsa ,finished with chipotle aioli& lime cilantro sour cream drizzle . these were delish!!! I was worried because duck can b so rich, but .. they were a small slice of heaven. I’d get them again, no problem,,,,,

There were so many things to choose from , we will be back , maybe next time for brunch😍,even though there is only street parking, it’s was well worth the trip.

And of course always a great time with my foodie friend:)

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  1. It’s always fun to try out new places and food with friends. The “little slice of heaven” sounds amazing. I love the description of the meatballs too. I’m afraid I would have had to find some way to finish off the sauce with the ricotta dish. 😅

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    1. Thanks Fraggy, yeah Dave lived both of those , along with with the ricotta of course ;). I was pleasantly surprised with the duck nachos , and would order them again . It was s good time for sure .

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