Hipsta ..week 2… only 50 more to go

ive been having so much fun, going back to basics, finally got all the kinks worked out . and this week it was all about Tiny..people.  i thought oh boy this will do me in for sure. but just the opposite happened, i had a blast,


i used Jack London for my lens. and Rasputin for the film.


again i ended up with Jack London for my lens and clarity for the film, that’s the Kodak offices in the back ground. at one time they were the largest employer in Rochester,NY


lens+ Muir~ Film+Sequoia


Lens+Florence ~ Film+Iron2000…. i wa going for Norman Rockwell 🙂


Lens+Burk ~ Film+Shilshole


Lens+Stavros ~ Film+Love 81


and last but certainly not least… wish i was there moment 🙂

Lens+Loftus ~ Film+Rasputin

well that was week 2, next week will be a bit different, maybe even a bit bazaar but im in 🙂 !!!!! If you stopped by thanks, and have a great week end


6 thoughts on “Hipsta ..week 2… only 50 more to go

Add yours

    1. Lol, thanks Mary, much appreciate your comment and visit. Yep those are 2 of my favorites as well. I am really having fun, I haven’t use my (app) hipstamatic in a very long time, I wasn’t sure I could get into it, but I am having slot of fun.
      As for “real” film, we’ll never say never….. but I don’t think so… film cameras are way too expensive, as compared to digital.
      Again I always appreciate your visits and comments , thanks 🙏😘


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