Beautiful spring week end

I’ve been teaching my other half how to use my mirrorless camera , so he can shoot when we go on our Med. Cruise .

We walked and walked, got almost our 10,000 steps in

thought we found an owl .. nope 😦

Lots of hills to climb, the water hasn’t been turned on yet, still have very cold nites here.

Lots of damage , hope as it gets warmer , it all get fixed . This is s very historic cemetery !

Well we had a great day , and my husband now thinks my Fujifilm camera is His…. wrong !!!! Anyway it was time for a late lunch .

First we went to College town , but the place we wanted to go to was closed .. so we moved on , not to far

Just down the street 🙂 and I was so hungry , I never got a photo of my Cobb salad , but it was deeelish, probably the best around !!

Well I hope you get to enjoy some time out side , as it is still beautiful weather here, and we need to do yard work today…. to keep up with the “Jones” lol if you stopped by thanks 🙂

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