week 3 of Hipsta

while this week, we really had to put on our thinking caps, I had fun, and well that’s what it’s all about right:)?

hipstamaticphoto-576248936.350046each day was a new adventure. something completely different, we were told every night at 8pm, what our job was . the first nite, we had 24 hours to #pamper…..  well we only have a big breakfast on the week ends so.. I naturally had to shoot breakfast. #AmericanLens and #StandUp film  .


#Lines was next up, found this on my walk..  #MarkusLens NSW & #PopRox Flash


#Reflections for day 3. #FlorenceLens & #Irom2000  that’s right..there i am:)


day 4  was #ClassicFood, with the old classic Hipstamatic, and that alone took me time to figure out..how t get back there 🙂

ok i was trying to b clever, mostly cuz i had a very busy day, and this was my breakfast for that morning.:)  not to worry i made up for it at lunch 🙂

#loftusLens  #Rasputin Film

then it was wheels


time for the bikes to go for the annual check up…. #Hanna Lens  #Otto Film


#StillLife…. easypeasy.. where i spend my winter days 🙂    #Bo-Kaap lens & #12Apostles film

and last ….  #Letters… but not really letters 🙂 and they had to be in B&W



i bring you the #Letter V #Victoria Lens #Blackeyes Supergrain Film.

it was a great week. and i only have  49 more to go ,LOL

if you stopped by, thanks in advance for checking out my Hipsta journey


11 thoughts on “week 3 of Hipsta

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  1. Love your week in pics, Kathy. That first breakfast looks scrumptious. Your second one reminded me to get out my new bottle of probiotics. The bikes are so artistically posed and the still-life so inviting. Have a great weekend. 😃

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      1. I thought I told you ?? Anyway it’s s group on FB. Called 365 Hipstamatic or lol hipstamatic 365. Lol anyway I’ve made a few friends , got reacquainted with some old friends from IG. From back in the day 😉 it’s a large group , but like most groups there only a few that continually post . An old acquaintance invited me , I generally decline , most are too artsy for me , I’m glad I looked into this one :)!
        I’m sure tmi , but I wanna make sure u get the info 🙂 this time

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      2. Yes!!!! It’s been going on a few years now , and there’s s handful of peeps taking care of it. U can jump in anytime :). I know ya got your own going on, but I thought I mention that. :). Ok I’m beat, just hadda cups, and it’s off to the shower for me:) it’s s gorgeous day here sunny and 70. At least for today . I may go on the ERIE Canal trail , and get the rest if my steps in. Ok have a great weekend. Pal xx

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