A long Walk along the River


So, we were fortunate enough to enjoy a beautiful Spring Day Yesterday.  High 60’s , and sunny, for this time of year, we were all basking in the sunshine. so after Hubby and I did a little more yard work, we ventured out. to the other side of town. He’s still learning how to use my mirrorless camera, by the time we leave for our med. cruise, he’ll b in good shape, i think.33725034568_bb307c76d8_o

ok, to continue the journey ,once we parked the car, we had a hike… with a hill, doesn’t look like much here, but my knees felt it:)


this park is along the Genesee River, in Rochester,NY



places for people to sit or fish… actually in the warm weather people can tie up their boats  and have some time to look around, in the summer months its pretty crowded.


dave hunting for a good shot.. or something:)


seems ive screwed up somewhere… and can’t post the whole view.. so ..on with the hunt for wild life….46686457985_b52f17499d_o

the frogs were croaking up a storm, can ya see him?


and tons and tons of turtles…. my guess is turtle eggs are a delicacy for the Canadian geese:)


then we found Her…. primping her nest, like a mad woman.  but never moving her body. and then we saw why


Daddy swan, was in attack mode.. and this Canadian Geese was not going away



could have stayed there all day watching these 2. but nature was calling, in more ways than 1.  and i got my 10,000 steps plus 🙂


something i saw on the way back .


ok, getting close now…..one more hill. AND……DO

… what we do on the week ends:)

we enjoyed Calamari..Italiana syle..  and had a few brews 🙂 lol, one a piece. its pretty much all i can handle .

it was a great day in WNY, even though id rather be somewhere warmer, i made the best of it, and enjoyed it.:) Happy Sunday every one.

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    1. Hey thanks for stopping by marland, no kidding your going on a Med cruise as well ? Very kool, we r very excited, it’s been at the top of our bucket list for 10 years:) I’ll be using my iPhone and DSLR , while my Husband uses my fujifilm X T 10.


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