Week 5 hipsta 365

So most of us know that April is the month where our senses wake up… also our allergies🥴, but that also means the weather is getting nicer, and it’s staying light longer. So for last week we had to post things for spring….

Every year with out fail, just b4 the lilacs bloom, we get to see this lovely trail of Daffies. #LincolnLens and BlankoBl4Film is what I used.

And it wouldn’t be spring with out these guys:) I love nicnaks in my garden

#StavrosLens and #HackneyFilm

We were fortunate enough to climb into the mid70’s for a day, I live near3 colleges, and I believe I found one student playing hookie 😂. By the canal.

#AntoniLens and #DreamyFilm

Can ya smell it… the lake that is…..😂. All though it wasn’t in the 70’s any more it was still a very nice day along the lake. So still , caught a little fog, and some fishermen too.#wonderLens and #W40Film

This is probably my favorite shot. Of course it has a bench… I collect them you know😉

#NevilleLens and #DaydreamFilm

Finished cleaning up the beds and came across this …. I loved the color

#VicuńaCL Lens and #BlankoFilm

And on another walk we found Mamma Swan waiting for her babies to come

#LowyLens and #OttoFilm

And now to share my the newest member of our family……..lol

This little guy has been camping under our deck for some time now. He dug a hole in the beginning of fall, we thought he left… but.. there he is, He heard a noise, and he’s moving as fast as those little legs can carry him, back into his hole..under our deck.

Lol, this was mostly for Fraggy , since she shared her mice.🥴, I thought I’d share our new homesteader 😂😜

If you stoped by thanks so much. And please have a great day.


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