whats it gonna be….. Week 8

So my iPhone,iPad and PC are not jiving,at all ,

ive skipped a week on here.but im still very much doing a photo in Hipstagraph every day. each week is a different theme.

the one im posting is…all about..JUXTAPOSING…..  made me a bit nervous… mostly the word itself…  which means..only..side by side, mostly opposites,unexpected combos of colors,shapes,and ideas…..simply put especially for comparison or contrast.

here we go……..Km Salvatore (1)




and there you have it.  if I don’t think about the word itself, im fine:)

as for lenses and films we could use any combo this week, and on friday we will find out what the next torture wil be …lol.

if you stopped by, thank you very much. i hope you enjoyed and maybe learned something new? 🙂

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