Is it Summer yet????

well we have had our share of ups and downs, weather wise… but i think we can say summer has arrived finally. im still doing my Hipstamatic , its kept me very busy. this week alone……we have prompts several times a day, to post what we are doing in that moment… that started friday evening, i was good, but im slipping, i think Ive missed 2 since yesterday.. busy week end, with a bank holiday, our Memorial Day.

Road Trip
the foot hills of the ALLEGHENY MNTS
roughly 2 hours later we arrived at our destination
ive never seen nicer parking garages

Corning ,NY is the manufacturer of Glass and ceramics. But back in the day it was coal, and lumber.we specifically went this past week end, because they were having a “glass fest” lots of Glass blowing and ceramic making.. all kinds of artsy stuff. not the run of the mill festival.

of course i must have been late to the party,cuz i saw no glass blowing on the street.
the cleanest and quaintest town ive been in ,in a long time.
one of the little on- site factories where glass is blown
so many pubs , and micro brewerys as well
well it was getting near time for some refreshment:) so the serach was on
and we had a winner. what a great name, now i wish we were spending the nite, instead of day trippin 🙂
so we had a little snack, and split this flight.

and i just had to share this little rascal , our “little” woodchuck… we have been trying hard to capture Him and take Him back to the wild..with no luck 😦 he is still living under our deck.So thats it for now, ill try hard not to be a stranger 🙂 and if you did stop by, thank you!!!

4 thoughts on “Is it Summer yet????

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    1. We could have gone into the museum part, but I didn’t want to b inside on such a lovely day… well for the most part, the rains came, of course… and it’s raining again today 😦
      The whole town Fraggy is olde world, I was amazed at how well everything was kept. It’s not a trip we make often, because of the distance. Thanks Fraggy

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