About last nite……

We had a worm moon. I was lucky enough to get a glimpse

b4 the clouds moved in. This is off of my kitchen. , and yep, my 2 Nd day of hipsta.

Using salvador84 and shilshole+ pop rox.

B4 I dressed it up:) , I like both of them.

Spring Has Sprung


well I know its been awhile since I posted, I guess one could say I’m a once a month(er) around here. I try honestly I do, but I’m still having issues with the new pc. and windows I get frustrated and leave . windows and WP don’t like each other ..I guess.

any way, I do keep tabs on a few folks here on my ipad.

and..April was a busy month for us.. let me show you



my beautiful and only Granddaughter  had her first birthday. she just tickles my heart:)!
 and a few weeks later was m Husbands birthday, since we R empty nesters I spoil Him.. we celebrated for a week
1st thing we did, was go to a play of sorts..called  Summer Of Love.  it was set to Ballet and all 60’s music , with the period clothing.  we actually loved it.

moving on..



34120944925_1e9b004645_o (1)_pe
since I have 2 cats and no sitter for them.. we take a lot of short trips.. so off to the mountains we went. so very very peaceful, not many peeps travel to this region in April:) still snow in a lot of areas. and lets not for get the mud!!!
hers a just a few shots from the Adirondack Mnts.


and back home its almost lilac season, and that means festival time. and if you know me.. you know I avoid crowds, so this is my go to spot.. till the festival begins:)


perfect time to see families enjoying  the park


Poets Garden, I love to come here, and just breath!








well that about does it. it was a busy month. and of course my issue with windows, is never going away. I think ill have to blog from my ipad. for the summer:)

have an enjoyable rest of the week, if you stopped by,and if you did thank you :)!!!!


From Where I Sit…….

well its that boring time of year, I dont feel like traveling to Buffalo (my HomeTown), its just a blah time of year.. so, i have one more collection, i guess u could say it all started with my iPhone, and a few contests.. and of course the job i retired from…school bus driving, all my down time was spent watching others… lol… just not on the bus, but it helped me hone in on subjects …maybe better:)

20130423_144_pe_pe - Copy
These 2 and their dog were playing for money.. the strap on the guitar says “dept of corrections”….. taken some where in Virginia
these girls were ready to model for me, on their way to a prom.
always time for some hibachi…isnt it:)?
this good ole’boy was nice and comfy sitting right on main street in Downtown Buffalo, and an art festival.
the circus girl_pe
we never did figure out what she was up to… but what an outfit,huh :)…
she was waiting for a bus, down by the water
one of my very first, on a break from my bus run, i went to get coffee, and each time there was always an older person that caught my eye.
this gentleman plays His “squeezebox” at the Farmers Market downtown,Rochester,NY.
21264_638732316141455_1647945018_n_pe - Copy
at a recent college graduation ceremony, found these 2 in the hallway.
2 whipped travelers
amish lunch_pe
lunch time in the park
Ma On A Bike_pe_pe
ya just never know who’s gonna be riding a bike…in the winter
love watching the little ones at any outing.. especially when there food involved:)
 this is Hosea, He was pretty popular in Rochester. i say was.. he passed recently. a great loss to the Rochester music scene
you can find this young man at the farmers market every summer, playing and saving for college.
72981_596793193668701_412854738_n_pe - Copy
i was entranced by her hair and boots
your never too old to stand on a street corner and  yell PEACE at the traffic…. some good old hippie folk here!!!
2012-12-07 21.17.14_pe - Copy.jpg
 we were busy trying to figure out if it was a first date…or cheaters…….
2012-07-19 09.52.07_pe - Copy
this guys mode of transportation was roller skates… while He played for money…yep a the Farmers Market
 one of my little kids lived in the inner city, and everyday I’d wait around the corner and this one day, well lots of days…. I’d watch drug buys go down. this car is pulling up to buy dope from these guys. this iphonograph actually won me several prizes.

well that will do it for now, of course i could go on and on, and if spring doesnt hurry up and get sprung..ill be back with more of this.

all of these were done with my i Phone. and several different apps, on my phone.

if you stopped by, thank you in advance. have a pleasant week

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