Hipsta …

So I’ve started my journey of 365, a bit late, but, better late than not at all…

I think what I’ll do is post once a week, everything I’ve done for 7 daysStill playing with settings nothing too fancy

About last nite……

We had a worm moon. I was lucky enough to get a glimpse

b4 the clouds moved in. This is off of my kitchen. , and yep, my 2 Nd day of hipsta.

Using salvador84 and shilshole+ pop rox.

B4 I dressed it up:) , I like both of them.

Black and White People


well here it is the end of the month and Fraggy and I do our little photo exchange thingy, this time it was B&W anything. My Brother-in-law came to town, so I figured I show him something’s that have changed since he’s been gone.. and I kept with the theme of B&W.


this is Ontario State Park.

we use to have a beach, a natural shoreline beach.. well Lake Ontario pretty much destroyed that this year. the floods were crazy bad, if you live along the lake


something about this photo I really love. this is the terminal building where the fast ferry use to be.. now we have restaurants by the water’s edge , which is pretty nice..if you can find a nice day


a newer establishment, along the river’s edge, I liked the old buildings



I’ve talked about the Public Market before, there was major work done over a long period, but it’s finally done and its really something to be proud of so this was my next stop with my brother-in-law


people come just for the cheap eats, and get together with their friends. it really is a great place to meet up.


cant you just hear this little boy begging mommy for a doughnut:)


gotta get some coffee



and theres always lots of music


every one is generally happy at the Market


and this guy was in such a hurry to get to the market, I don’t think he looked in a mirror:)


whatya need,we got it


can’t go home with out some kettle corn..can ya?


and how bout some organic foods… they got it all


and.. well it doesn’t matter where ya go any more, there’s always someone a bit down on their luck, this guy was going through the garbage looking for bottles and cans. in sure the cops will be behind him shortly.. at least to cover up:)


one of the last nites we say my Husbands Brother we took him to College town, and went to the beer garden. thank god there was liquor..I don’t do beer:) and I was able to get some really nice photos as well


and this guy just wanted to eat by the water





well thats my little city, Brother in law went back to kansas, and its been raining ever since.


Can you believe its the end of July already? I sure cant. the weather has been crazy. if you stopped by, thank you. have a great week-end.


Autumn Splender

As far as weather goes, well im pretty lucky to be living in Western New York, at least this fall.The weather has been outstanding. Here it is the middle of October and the  temp is 77 degrees. and sunny. so ive been trying to take full advantage.  Not only is this  a colorful time of year, but if you love pig roasts and clam bakes..tis the season, and that why i say autumn splendor:)

because we all know whats to follow….. all that white stuff, which i am not a fan of. so  here we go. oh and PS if you thought you were going to see colorful leaves…. im sorry 🙂

one of the best things about this time of year……  people tend to do pig roasts and clam bakes..2 of my most favorite things……

people put hot sauce and butter on theirs.. not me just let me at ’em.
this is our friend who invited us.. hes friends with the people who put this event on every year, no charge!!!
there were people from all walks of life there, but they all had one thing in common….


this woman…  actually made all that sausage, and smoked them. and yes they were deeeelish.
this is the hubby of the woman above, its not their part either, but he was help with the clams. nothing like good friends.


there was even live entertainment. and they were awesome.


i made a friend. 6 week  rescue.
and of course there was plenty of cheer to go around



its almost time.
 these were all shot with my iPhone. .people tend to get a little crazy when they dont know you and your flashing a camera around 🙂
what we were all waiting for … omg… it was deelish !!!
i tried so hard to get a shot of the husband and wife that put this shindig on..it was near impossible, this is the best i could do and they aren’t even standing together, hubby is was over with his hand to his face. almost like he knew i was aiming for him….
they had all kinds of activities for kids. they even had an art table.
and i got  Steves back too… Him and His Wife Amy. If there was ever a prize for being the most gracious Host and Hostess , they would certainly win!!!

if you stopped by, thank you.

staying fit……

Well let me start by wishing everyone a happy Autumn, its been rather nice here in Western New York, temps have been in the mid 70’s and mostly sunny. all of our Falls are not this way, so I’m a happy camper at the moment. Makes my drives to and from Buffalo ,NY so much easier.

Things are not going as well as the family would like with my cousin ,so my mind has been preoccupied , and im also trying to stay on top of things ,as i said b4 in my last blog, you must take care of your self, get you flu shot, get your screenings..all of them!!! its so important.


So now that ive taken care of all of that… i have also joined  our community center, for water aerobics  at the Aquatic center. we are so fortunate to have this beautiful building…here, let me show you….

they also have child care, and this is the outside of the little playground for the little people 
this is where the older “community” gathers.  as thy offer field trips, and also serve lunch, and they have card games as well
ok, let me get into my locker room
another part of the center, they have covered everything



yes thats my legs, the current pool is too rough to go with out water shoes.

the current channel
try walking against that current ..its not as easy as it looks or sounds
heres the little guppies, they have classes for all ages and at all levels, i actually got to see this class, they have been coming for a while.
class will be starting soon


and when its all said and done.. about an hour… you can go take a nice hot soak .
they also have free days where parent can bring the kiddies to go swimming. it really is an amazing place..and to have it right in my backyard..
 its all so affordable, i was very surprized.

well that pretty much sums up what ive been doing 2 times a week, trying to keep my mind busy and getting fit at the same time:).

the center along with the town also have a fantastic concert  series, for a few dollars, some times for free.

thanks for stopping by. have a wonderful rest of the week… and HEY…if its time for you to get an annual ..DO IT!!!!!!

From Where I Sit…….

well its that boring time of year, I dont feel like traveling to Buffalo (my HomeTown), its just a blah time of year.. so, i have one more collection, i guess u could say it all started with my iPhone, and a few contests.. and of course the job i retired from…school bus driving, all my down time was spent watching others… lol… just not on the bus, but it helped me hone in on subjects …maybe better:)

20130423_144_pe_pe - Copy
These 2 and their dog were playing for money.. the strap on the guitar says “dept of corrections”….. taken some where in Virginia
these girls were ready to model for me, on their way to a prom.
always time for some hibachi…isnt it:)?
this good ole’boy was nice and comfy sitting right on main street in Downtown Buffalo, and an art festival.
the circus girl_pe
we never did figure out what she was up to… but what an outfit,huh :)…
she was waiting for a bus, down by the water
one of my very first, on a break from my bus run, i went to get coffee, and each time there was always an older person that caught my eye.
this gentleman plays His “squeezebox” at the Farmers Market downtown,Rochester,NY.
21264_638732316141455_1647945018_n_pe - Copy
at a recent college graduation ceremony, found these 2 in the hallway.
2 whipped travelers
amish lunch_pe
lunch time in the park
Ma On A Bike_pe_pe
ya just never know who’s gonna be riding a bike…in the winter
love watching the little ones at any outing.. especially when there food involved:)
 this is Hosea, He was pretty popular in Rochester. i say was.. he passed recently. a great loss to the Rochester music scene
you can find this young man at the farmers market every summer, playing and saving for college.
72981_596793193668701_412854738_n_pe - Copy
i was entranced by her hair and boots
your never too old to stand on a street corner and  yell PEACE at the traffic…. some good old hippie folk here!!!
2012-12-07 21.17.14_pe - Copy.jpg
 we were busy trying to figure out if it was a first date…or cheaters…….
2012-07-19 09.52.07_pe - Copy
this guys mode of transportation was roller skates… while He played for money…yep a the Farmers Market
 one of my little kids lived in the inner city, and everyday I’d wait around the corner and this one day, well lots of days…. I’d watch drug buys go down. this car is pulling up to buy dope from these guys. this iphonograph actually won me several prizes.

well that will do it for now, of course i could go on and on, and if spring doesnt hurry up and get sprung..ill be back with more of this.

all of these were done with my i Phone. and several different apps, on my phone.

if you stopped by, thank you in advance. have a pleasant week

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