Benches on Monday,

I’ve been collecting benches for about 10 years. And last week our temps were close to 70 degrees. A big difference from today’s weather (24 degrees)

Anyway, on my walks last week I found a few new benches on the. Erie Canal, in my Village . And yesterday I went back to the conservatory

I just got such an urge to smell a few flowersūüėä, every one here has the spring itch.

But it will b at least 2 more months b4 we see flowers outside.

Have a wonderful Monday

One Fine Day


This past Mothers day  ,we took a hike at One Of NY States #1 parks. Lovingly called The Grand Canyon Of the East.  Letchworth State Park. Only 1/2 an hour from our house

A Niagara Falls and Grand Canyon  affair all rolled into one
34659660745_fed2a566abHBM_o-Edit - Copy
we were so lucky to come as early as we did,

DSC_9552_pe - Copy


Glen iris Inn
this fine restaurant is home to many weddings and even just a lovely meal. we didn’t have a reservation , so there was not a chance in hell of eating there.


DSC_9557_pe - Copy
I knew we’d never get into the restaurant, so we found a nice spot to have a little lunch.
DSC_9550_pe - Copy


even if the park was packed, there are so many spots to choose from.

after a bite to eat, it was time to finish our hike
and… of course no hike is complete ..with out walking a million or so stairs
yep.. that’s the man, making sure I don’t tumble..or get lost:)

and no trip anywhere is complete. Until you use the facilities ūüôā
this is one of the best parks around and to have it so close to home, I’m not sure why we don’t go more often. but they also have camping here and ill save that for another time, we did walk around and look at all the types of cabins they had , I don’t camp!!!!!

if you stopped by , thanks so much, and if your ever find yourself around this are, make sure you take at least a ride through.  this state park has so much to offer with its changing landscapes, and constant beauty.





Manatee State Park

  I had such an awesome time on my journey through Florida. like i said earlier.. im starting some where in the middle of my trip. somewhere in this link is a web cam and any one can see how many Manatees come to this location  each day. the day we went there were over 200. and im told that was a low number.  but for me it was over whelming, in all my years of going to Fl. ive never been able to see these creatures..EVER!

at first i thought it was a joke, and this was all i was going to see…..
Swimmers in the spring.
we weren’t fortunate enough to be able to swim with them .
the water is so crystal clear, and with the reflection from the was hard to get decent photos… but heres a young one coming up for air.
all those shadows…..yep the mother load of Manatees
there were some workers trying to get them to swim more so we could see them better, and they take very good care of these obsolete creatures.



its such a beautiful park, so well maintained, and it only costs $3.00 a car to get in.
it was here LittleOh lost some body parts and her camera. she thought this was a Gecko’ trying to get her.
plenty of places to sit , wash your feet.. if you need to ūüôā¬† but you know i love my benches:)
gift shops and cafeterias along with  vending machines
rest rooms were impeccably clean
the whole area was just breathtaking
plenty to look at here.. but take a closer look.. theres’ mamma manatee and her baby. i was so thrilled. only wish i could have gotten a better shot of them. the sun was so bright.

so it ws tiem to g=o visit my friends’ Daughter and G’kids.¬† and after¬† that..

what else….. food and drink.. when Im in Fl. i like to eat as much fish as i can. so i had grouper fingers. and… fish dip.¬†¬†¬†¬† my friend doesn’t¬† like seafood at all, she had …a pork chop.
so yeah we drank and ate some where in Lake Mary. at a place called Duffy’s
all i can say is.. watered down  vodka!!!

so we moved on the the next bar, after all we didnt have to drive our hotel was just a few feet from this concourse

another Irish bar, and this was when i knew i had been drinking watered down vodka…at the other place. ¬† but any way, this was the outfit the females wore. they were cute..¬†


heres litttleOh all put back together again. ,

well that will do it for today, if you stopped.. and i hope you did:)¬† i hope you liked what you saw.. and please have a great rest of the week…oh yeah and week end..since today is Thursday:)

Memorial Week End

what to do with out of town family…. well take them out of town.. so off we went¬† about 1 1/2 hours from my home to where else, my home town…Buffalo ,NY.¬† with the temps being in the 90’s i thought for sure there’d be a breeze blowing off of lake Erie. well i was wrong. And most of you know i cant handle crowds.. but i made the best of it.after all, i got to show off the “New Buffalo” its a pretty big week end everywhere, so the fact that there was a carnival , no biggie. But i was on my Lake, and Home. so… here we go

of course there are always music makers around.
plenty of people.
26741861193_465ef69f64_o_pe_Interior 3
ahh some elbow room.
ok, we got things to do….lets get moving.
well this guy saw my camera ,and had to i obliged:)
she made her own space and shade. i couldnt decide if i liked this in color or b&w.
in a very long line waiting for the bike ferry. no we didnt have bikes.
hopefully there will a breeze on the boat.
got a seat in the shade,anyway
we’ll be shoving off shortly
yep thats the gang..of course my husband ..couldnt wave
we wondered around a bird sanctuary  and we found these guys.
and then i saw these, and thought about my buddy Fraggy
well.. not much to do over on the outer harbor, unless you have a back in line.. no shelter from the¬† blazing sun… good thing its only a 5 min jaunt across the canal/river.


the Naval Park


Buffalo has a light rail,1/2 or more is underground.
i knew if i got them back to the beer tent i could get a shot of my nieces with their boyfriends.

well that does it for my jaunt to my hometown, with family in tow. hopefully things will settle down now. and next time i might even post a pic of the newest addition to our family. Yep you guessed it. we are finally Grandparents . Shes going to be 2 months old already.

if you took time to stop by, i thank you very much. i know ive been a stranger all month.

Have a wonderful rest of the week.

well winter has really arrived

well I’m packing my suitcase and heading south for a few weeks, well only 2 , but that will take care of Jan. and if need be ill go straight back down there if feb. is bad.¬† so I’ve been busy with¬† the newest member of my camera family My Fujifilm X T10.¬† and I’ve been also busy purchasing gear for it.¬† since it has a retro look ,i just received. my retro case. and later today¬† my zoom lens should arrive.

it took me a while to figure out this little puzzle, but once i did, i was very pleased with the look. i had to hurry and get a case, i felt like i was taking a baby out with out being baptized.”)
on my way to the conservatory on our first frigid day (12 Degrees). saw this, another light box. in front of a firehouse.
Lamberton Conservatory. one day I’m going to find out way these buildings are all built the same way
DSCF0127b - Copy
the poinsettia x.mas tree.
still working on the settings, but i was really happy with this shot.  yes thats right its a turtle eating a tomato.
ahh can ya feel the warmth…
how ’bout some dry heat… sure felt good¬† this is probably my favorite room at the conservatory.
well it was time to move along.. and i ran over to Lake Ontario (a great Lake ), and as cold as it was. there was a woman sitting taking photos with her huge DSLR.. i shot off a few and ran back into the car.  we like to come up here during the seasons, to catch sunsets, and to wave to our neighbors in Canada .


last but not least. a look out at the Bay. the colors were extraordinary for this time of year.

and that does it. im so happy with my new camera. im actually going to sell My DSLR when i return from Florida.  if you stopped by, i hoped you enjoyed my little tour around the neighborhood, a little different than my last!

and thanks. Have an awesome rest of the week.  next time i post.. ill be in sunny Florida.


Bits and Bobbs, of a beautiful Autumn

can ya just hear the leaves crinkling
it was such an awesome day, i cant remember the last time i stayed in the park so long…good thing there were plenty of benches
in front of the conservatory
magnificent colors all over
made me think spring was here
chestnuts galore
im sneaking into the sunken garden
usually wedding take place here, and they have posted, no one is allowed to taks pictures with out …paying a fee..yeah right!!!!
ok… going in
i know a short cut..
here we go im almost inside
good,no one is shooting anything special
theres the main entrance… where one would pay…
can you imagine your wedding here… it must be beautiful, almost fairy taleish
i loved walking through here

DSC_8289 DSC_8291 DSC_8292 DSC_8294

take a walk with me
take a walk with me
gotta kick those leaves
well that was my little tour, that i DID NOT pay for!!!

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